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  1. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-26766345 Fit-to-work tests: Atos quits contract Atos is to quit its contract to assess whether benefits claimants are fit to work, the government has announced. It follows government criticism over "significant quality failures". Disabilities Minister Mike Penning said a new company would be appointed in early 2015, and Atos would not receive "a single penny of compensation". Atos, whose contract had been due to end in August 2015, had previously said it would carry on with the tests until a new company could be put in place. Claimants applying for employment
  2. UN now looking into WCAhttp://www.disabilityrightsuk.org/news/2013/september/un-now-looking-wca
  3. GP Glyn Phillips replies to Dr Greg Woods article in the British Medical Journal which i posted earlier. Re: I blew the whistle on the government’s disability assessments Dr Wood deserves to be thanked for his publicising of what lies behind the seemingly dark and at times Kafkaesque outcomes of Atos WCAs. Over the past few years I (and many others) have seen a growing number of patients becoming victims of mind-boggingly cruel and unfair assessments which have led to stoppage of their ESA payments. How can a patient with a quite profound depressive illness somehow manage to score zero
  4. Yet it is ok for MPs to claim on their expenses for a TV license in their second home.........
  5. Dr Greg Wood who resigned from Atos has an article in the British Medical Journal I blew the whistle on the government’s disability assessments Greg Wood, former naval doctor and Atos disability analyst, London dr.greg.wood.wca@gmail.com Greg Wood went to the media with concerns about the ethics surrounding tests for fitness to work—and eligibility for benefits—that the UK government outsourced to Atos Actually, two whistleblowers went public before me, and several other doctors have raised concerns anonymously. I am a former general practitioner in the Royal Navy, where work rela
  6. Bedroom Tax costing more than it saves as housing benefit bill soars by £1.5bn 24 Aug 2013 Figures from the Commons library show the amount of housing benefit paid to private landlords will rise from £7.9billion to £9.4billion The cost of welfare is set to soar by an extra £1.5billion a year – because of rocketing rents and the hated Bedroom Tax. Figures from the Commons library show the amount of housing benefit paid to private landlords will rise from £7.9billion to £9.4billion. And it is forecast to increase still further over the next three years. Full article here - ht
  7. Really not sure what to make of that Can it be any worse than Atos?
  8. Whistleblower tells the inside story of Atos The many disabled people who tell stories of heartbreaking WCA judgements will be both heartened and outraged by Dr Wood’s testimony In February of this year, Dr Greg Wood received an email from his employer, Atos. He had filed a Work Capacity Assessment report on a benefits claimant with chronic and serious mental health ­problems – including psychosis – saying she was unfit for work. “I was told to amend the report,†he says. A former navy doctor who had served in Iraq, 48-year-old Dr Wood had been promoted by Atos as a Mental
  9. Taxpayer Foots £7m Bill For Subsidising Commons Bars And Restuarants Taxpayers coughed up more than £7m last year helping to subsidise Parliament's bars and restaurants, a Freedom of Information request has found. http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2013/08/13/parliament-bill-bar-taxpayer-subsidy_n_3748073.html MPs need a no-questions-asked £20,000 'allowance' because claiming expenses is too much hassle, John Bercow says Commons Speaker lobbying for new allowance for food and living costs Suggests claiming expenses takes too long and is 'complicated' Raises fears of a return to the bad
  10. I never actually said i would "grass" anyone up as you call it and perhaps most people do know someone who "is at it" and like you they would not "grass them up" which is their choice but it does seem to be a little hypocritical to keep quiet about them and then to go on and voice your concerns about the rest of the genuine claimants and tar them with the same brush. This constant rhetoric is partly to blame for a rise in Disability hate crime and there is no need for it. I also agree with you about the checks on someones ability and that is exactly the point i am trying to make the current
  11. The real cost of benefits squeeze: £1,600 per family Devastating research finds only one in eight households facing cuts will be able to find work Full article here - http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/the-real-cost-of-benefits-squeeze-1600-per-family-8756554.html
  12. Westminster must end silence on welfare reforms Sun, 11/08/2013 The SNP have called on the Westminster Government to tear down its wall of silence on the impact of welfare reforms in Scotland after it emerged that the UK Government is consistently failing to provide information on the effect of its policies. In a Parliamentary Answer to Jamie Hepburn MSP this week, it was revealed that despite requests from the Scottish Government, the UK Government has failed to produce any robust assessment of the cumulative impact of the welfare reforms it has introduced. This has left the Scottish Go
  13. Have you ever thought about doing stand up comedy? As they say "when your time comes" the problem is these people are going before their time. Your last post said "The welfare system in this country is better than most of the rest of the planet" Make your mind up which is it? Maybes aye maybes naw How observant of you.....Likewise you never shared your thoughts on Atos
  14. http://i1359.photobucket.com/albums/q799/magnacube/5ae37ae1-89b5-4b66-aa2d-6c7a9d177b0e_zpscc631dc5.jpg https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/223050/incap_decd_recips_0712.pdf
  15. HASLAND: Man collapsed but still ‘fit for work’ http://i1359.photobucket.com/albums/q799/magnacube/9e3e3313-2770-44cc-92b4-6d4cecdea483_zpsaf978800.jpg A man who became so unwell during an assessment by benefit inspectors that he was asked if he ‘needed an ambulance’ - was still declared fit to work. John Flanagan, 64, has a degenerating spine, is unable to stand or walk far, heart disease and problems with his nervous system but was told by benefits test firm Atos that he could do a job. Six weeks after the assessment Mr Flanagan collapsed due to problems with his nervous system a
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