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  1. Crofter amy, Well if they are so sh*t hot, why does a kitchen quote take weeks and i mean weeks, to get done, when B&Q can do it in an hour? and much cheaper too? it is like a ghost ship up there, no one wants to serve you or they send you down to the shop to pay for things, even though they have a till upstairs!!! at least the shop staff are good crack and help you! and that wee lwoman who runs everywhere around up there, whats all that about? calm down love its only a job stop stressing
  2. I was wondering what peoples thoughts were on the above, as today and i hasten to add not for the first time, i stood at the counter for ages until i was finally acknowledged, then when i asked if i could collect my tiles i was told they were not here.... but i had a phone call from you saying they were here was my reply and a blank look was given, i was phoned i said again as i would not have driven in from brae otherwise. by this point i headed for the exit stairs and was chased by one of the female staff who said " oh yes they are here after all" mmmmm what is going on?? does nobody (rod robb)know when goods are in and customers contacted should i just go to T & N's shiny new showroom from now on? rant over, thoughts please cheers
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