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  1. cheers! well my interview is at 16.00pm today! when i get home il come on here and tell all of ya how it went! thank you
  2. yeah, i am relying on bus times. how far away are the terminals?? im applying for the retail work that i are in the newspaper. new news though! i have a job interview tomoz in lerwick for the camra shop! wish me luck!!
  3. I have been here for over a month now i have applied for around 10 jobs. i have had an interview for one and another interview the otherday but have not heard from them and have been turned down from the rest. Ppl keep telling me that there are very few ppl that are unemployed so why am i finding it so hard to find a full-time job? I have had plenty experience in the past, someone please tell what am i doing wrong!? Im desperate for a job coz i am moving into a new house on friday and will have to live off job seekers allowance!!! :(:(:( (which isnt much!)
  4. thanks very much peeps! lol sadly i have never been a uni student before, but im just gonna have to live on the cheap stuff from somerfeilds. i think my main meal most nights will be baked potatoes and beans with a lil bit of cheese!!! mmmmmm
  5. hey! im gonna be moving house soon for the first time ever! its a small and old house but i have never lived by myself before! anyone got any pionters or anything to say to make me feel better? plus, anyone got any tips on living on a food budget for a week???? £20!!???????????????
  6. ummm, i dont think thats true! its a joke! kinda funny and it serves him right for going into the enclosure! lol
  7. (ooops! didnt mean to say that twice!)
  8. ok, when he says the size of a bumble bee, does he mean the hwoke thing or just the body??
  9. is that as big as they get here??? do you not get house spiders??? their bloody huge, ahhhhh!!!
  10. is that as big as they get here??? do you not get house spiders??? their bloody huge, ahhhhh!!!
  11. nope. have always wondered about them though, because most anime stuff is based on the comics! i love the art work as well. i always loved to draw anime!
  12. well, i guess thats a perfect to finish that convo. hey, what did people think of silent hill the movie!?? freaky as the game. i screamed when pyramid head came on!! didnt think he was gonna be in the film.
  13. yep, i am new, but dont go school anymore (thank god!) thanks for the other info tho!
  14. yeah, thats what i thought....i know that theres something else i dont get, but i think that really sums it all up. when thinking about films that deal with time travel, it gets really mind blowing!!! AHHHHHH!!
  15. ummm, that it true!!! its just crazy tho! coz they do stuff like that but then they also do really kiddy and chessy stuff like pokemon. but having said that, theres a lil bit of sex stuff in that as well!
  16. havent heard of most of them!! lol dont get to watch tv anymore still watch movies tho on dvd! having said that i watched DONNIE DARKO again the other night, i get most of the film, but just dont really understand WHY all the strange stuff actually starts happening in the first place! anyone care to share???
  17. would you say its porn?? i think you could classifie it as that! i would be really worried about the people who came up with the stuff in that! lol
  18. yeah, i no, lol but thats where i live, and i dont no anyone!!
  19. yeah, its from the same company! i think its prob the best one i have seen! its a lot more for adults. you should def see that one mate!! legend of the overfiend was really messed up!! haha. i really liked the story though! i think iv only seensome of the second one, didnt really make any sense to me though. isnt there like 4 of them???
  20. i really wanted to watch that one when it was on film4!! dam it!! i love anime because the japanese arnt afriad to go dark. they do story about peoples worst fears and darkest imaginations! like they world coming to an end, you can see these stories come to life with out having to see it in your heads!!
  21. if you really think about it. everyone on this earth is depressed in some way, just depends how bad things are or how they react to the things that are happening in life. there is no way that anyone on earth is 100% happy! but if you are out there, please!! i wanna meet ya!
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