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  1. Oh, and there is a £500 reward for any information leading to an arrest.
  2. Hi guys, I am the crew aboard the Valkyrie (ex-trawler currently parked in Albert Dock, take folk diving over the summer). I do my best to be an asset to Shetland and hope that some of the good karma I have built up over the past 10 years I can cash in tonight. Our crewman, Lenny, is ex-forces and a really pleasant chap and didn't really deserve what happened to him tonight. At about 7.30pm the handmade wooden Canadian Canoe he had strapped to the roof of his van was dropped by two guys trying to steal it. I was doing the washing up (lucky me), and heard the crunch as it hit the tarmac, irreparably damaging the hull. To cut a long story short, the guys who did it legged it (one hotly pursued by a half nekkid enraged crewman who had been happily chilling out watching a DVD) but they also threw the canoe in the harbour and it had to be pushed back in by the Lierna (thank you boys!). Description is: Moron No.1 Under 6ft, dark hair, green jacket, dark t-shirt, green jacket. Early 20's. Possibly called Greg and has pants needing changed. Moron No. 2 Well over 6ft, skinny, goatee beard, very thick glasses. Dark jacket and jeans, possibly a Superdry Jacket. We have informed the police, who are out there looking and I have been in every pub in Lerwick to see if I recognised anyone, the accommodation barges have all been informed to keep an eye out too. So, my request to you, is if any of this was seen by you please give me a phone/text on 07716891428. We think the guys were trying to take drunken photos of each other sat in it, so hoping that they are daft enough to post it to Facebook and someone might let me know.
  3. While out with the dog I found an item of jewellery on the road outside the Anderson Homes. It has, alas, been run over by a car and is therefore worthless but might have a sentimental value to someone. If you want it back message me with a description of what it was and I will gladly return it.
  4. He is heading for Bergen, should be there by noo.
  5. Anyone know where I can get my ears pierced in Lerwick? I have been threatened with a bodkin and a cork....but would rather someone professional did it!
  6. Hi, I am looking for someone to supply me with eggs for my visitors. I get through 4-5 dozen per week (lots of baking!). We will be based in Lerwick, and I will supply a pail for them to be put into to save your egg boxes! Could any of you lovely chookin owners manage this? I would also gladly take duck eggs!
  7. Hoping someone can help. I wanted to get some wine delivered to a friend who lives up in Shetland but everywhere seems to not deliver to a ZE postcode? Could the Wine Shop do delivery does anyone know? Also I would like to put a hamper of cake & goodies together for a group of guys who work in the south. Is there any local shop which does such a thing? Fingers crossed!
  8. We got takeout from a Lerwick Indian restaurant which name begins with R and ends in A. One of the guys in our group was a vegetarian and got a veggie curry. Halfway through he pulls out two huge chunks of lamb from the food on his plate Not nice, we won't be going back.
  9. Anyone know if they are still about or have they all scarpered off yet?
  10. As the title says, wanted to buy or lease, lockup, garage, or storage. Preferably with water/power and around Lerwick but anything considered! Message me if you have anything suitable
  11. Do you have a linky for the facebook page?
  12. It's bloody ridiculous that someone should be in fear of losing his job over this. If everyone was held accountable for when they bent (not broke) the rules we would all be on the dole. They have to practice a set number of specific landings, winches, flights and searches every month to keep their tickets. So what if one of these practice landings happens to be right next to a butchers shop. It's stuff like doing each other a favour which keeps the world going round. I am guessing next time the crews are asked to work outside of their contracted conditions, the answer will be a resounding eff off! Prince sodding William can get away with dropping in by the inlaws fer gawds sake. http://www.metro.co.uk/news/143793-row-over-william-helicopter-landing
  13. Thorfinn Craigies place is in Tankerness, a full 25 miles from Stromness as stated, it is about 2 miles from the airport FFS.
  14. My dad developed the smell of gas. When it is processed and ready to use in homes, it has no smell. The smell is added so people know they have a leak and is based on how it smells when it comes out of the ground. My dad was an industrial chemist, and his employers got the contract to make the smell universal as it used to smell slightly different depending on where it had come from.
  15. We were in Shetland over the summer and had to attend A&E when I got really bad stomach pains. Turned out to be a gall stone! We ummed and arrred about going in as it was 2am on a Saturday morning and we were worried it would be full of people in a state of "advanced refreshment" but we were the only ones there. The nurses and doctors were excellent, the treatment was 1st class. Thank you to all of them (plus they gave me painkillers which are strong enough to make the floor go all squishy!).
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