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  1. Sounds to me that wotsit had no mates growing up so never went out on the skite as a teenager! I was out every weekend as teenager and am not a alky!
  2. Why should she know better just because she's "local" and a "doctors wife"
  3. The standard of driving when it comes to roundabouts here is terrible. The point of a roundabout is to keep the traffic flowing smoothly so be prepared to go not slam on your brakes and sit there frozen in fear. Also indicating at roundabouts its either not doing it at all or totally making a ass of it.
  4. What a pr:ck paulb is "mods the above post is very iffy" Just like a wee bairn running to a teacher!
  5. Swede Daniel Sandberg, 23, aka 'Topiary', has previously spoken on Swedish TV about another hacking group Anonymous, and is thought to be a long standing member of the underground hacking fraternity. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2006118/Ryan-Cleary-charged-cyber-attack-CIA-LulzSec-takes-revenge.html#ixzz1TPWgis12 thats from something ages ago, its half way down page in d blue bit that says about the swedish boy
  6. hello, if there is a problem we d router fone them and they should send a new one! also you get broadband and fone fae in the post office, the main p.o can sign you up not sure about other ones though. and it is great, alot cheaper than bt!
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