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  1. Yes, that is likely true enough. So savings would be fuel, maybe some wages? Would agree with you about a bridge having to shut occasionally with the wind but I wonder how likely it is that a tunnel would flood?
  2. Really? If that is the case, why is there no backup ferry between Lerwick and Scalloway for when they are painting lines on the road at the brig o fitch?
  3. possibly this story? Windhouse in Mid Yell was built in 1801 on the site of a previous house. It was always said to be haunted and things were heard going up and down the stairs. The servants were aware of forms passing them on the stairs and some were very frightened. The Spence family who owned the house were plagued by the deaths of three children on consecutive Christmases. The fourth year they decided to spend Christmas with cousins in Mid Yell. As they prepared to leave, they heard a knock and found a shipwrecked mariner at the door. The Spences fed and watered the man and told him of the fate of the children. The man didn't believe in the haunting and decided to stay in the house. They showed him where there was a great eetch [adze] for chopping wood that he could use as a weapon. At midnight a roar came about the house, it darkened inside, and the house shook. The man grabbed the eetch and threw it at a black lump, which fell into a heap of blubber on the ground. He told the people he'd killed the trow [troll, fairy] and it was buried at the head of the voe in Mid Yell, where the grass is still green.
  4. Why do you think the trow has become a ghost? (I don't think that is the case at all)
  5. In ye goode olde days it was possible to delete and edit to your hearts content but I think the delete function was disabled for the reason you point out. I see the edit post function is still available, (but it has a time limit on it now)
  6. I think the delete function is no longer available... you might be able to ask a moderator to delete your whole profile and start again though? Don't worry about it, and if it is any consolation I have always thought your posts are insightful and well written - nothing to cringe about!
  7. She asked if there had been a poll of members. There are only two answers to that question, "yes" or "no" and John Tulloch answered "No" (Twice) Whereas Amanda did not answer his question at all.
  8. He did not dodge the question, he answered it. The dodging and evasion was done entirely by Amanda.
  9. Not what Gary Robinson is saying? Mr Robinson added: “I am hugely disappointed that a cash increase from Westminster has translated into a £350m cut [across all local authorities] from the Scottish government.”
  10. That is what they said on Radio Shetland last week, they are in the current premises until March.
  11. It seems that reality has proven you wrong: http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2015/dec/03/uruguay-makes-dramatic-shift-to-nearly-95-clean-energy Great news, but reality has proved me right! Uraguay already produced 60% of its electricity from hydroelectric, & there are not many countries where that is the case. Also, the guardian link you posted says "There is still a lot to do. The transport sector still depends on oil (which accounts for 45% of the total energy mix)" Let me know when that 45% reality has changed.
  12. Waaaah! Waaah! Fixing Climate Change is haaaard. So we should do nothing. Just another piece of fossil fuel funded propoganda. It will be ignored, as it should. Not just haaaard. Impossible.
  13. https://www.shetlink.com/index.php?/classifieds/item/45265-to-let-north-bridge-stores-cunningsburgh/
  14. Especially if there was no fuel duty added!
  15. So, I'm assuming Alastair publicised his schooling, religious beliefs etc in his first ever election literature? Can you confirm that he did? Otherwise, he too (by your logic) will be a LIAR BY OMISSION, as well as being an actual liar.
  16. Did Alistair Carmichael report which schools he attended and all his O grade results in his election communications?
  17. Out of interest Ghosty, what is the "balanced" description of "lying on live television"?
  18. Once the blasting begins they might "loosen" the hill!
  19. Never seen a tick on a sheep, but my dog got one after a visit to Yell. There are plenty of sheep keds in the hills, but they have got a different latin name I think.
  20. 25K http://www.d-s-r.co.uk/property/windhouse.htm
  21. "we are quite simply far too many people for this small planet to feed. We cannot carry on like this, it is completely unsustainable. Think about it!" There is plenty of food. More than enough to feed everybody in the world. It is just poorly distributed.
  22. Anybody else getting redirected to turdty celeb/ weightloss / health website http://lemode-mgz.com/by clicking on shetlink links? Might be my computer, but it is only happening on Shetlink, about 2 out of every 3 times....
  23. I would have left the dishwasher in the lee of the shed! Was it sheets of plywood you bought in Brae?
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