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    crofter reacted to Funfair organiser in Shetland fairgorund   
    We have first class attractions and our staff are polite and friendly, the prices will reflect the cost of ferry, rent of land and cost of public entertainment other than that we try to offer value for money, at the moment we are trying to peruse finding a suitable site, we have a few options but if anyone knows of anyone renting land or a yard and would be interested in having the fair on it for 2-3 weeks could you let me know, Lerwick would be our first option but we would consider setting up in other areas if the site was suitable for us to operate and the public to visit
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    crofter reacted to MAMAMOOMOO in Toft Pier   
    I wonder if the SIC will ever get anything right. Shetlands wealth has always come from the sea. And the people who are willing to exploit it At least Lerwick harbour trust seems to recognise that fact. Its a real shame the SIC cant see it.We constantly hear our local politicians bleating on about Westminster and Hollyrood goverments not taking the fishing industry seriously. While at the same time our own council seems to go out of its way to hamper our biggest industry. Shetlands future prosperity cannot be left in the hands of  SIC officials or we are all doomed. Not after  Mareel, Smirl, the Bressay bridge fiasco, the Sumburgh airport cockup, the SullomVoe tugs embarrassment, The rural schools affair , the white house ballsup, no white lines on the roads etc etc . The list is endless. Our future prosperity certainly wont be enhanced by yet more SIC ineptness. I don't begrudge the good people of Fetler their pier but im pretty sure the SIC hasn't seen any return on that dubious investment. HAS IT MAGGIE ?. Double standards it would seem .Its sad to say but in Shetland now for every person trying to get on there are at least 10 trying to stop them. If the fools at Sellaness cant see the value of investing in Shetlands piers and fish markets then I suggest the whole lot be taken out of their hands and entrusted to someone who can . 
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    crofter reacted to ll in Toft Pier   
    It's no wonder S.I.C. has money to spend on piers, they have wasted:
    5.5m Sumburgh runway

    5.5m School at the Knab
    7.2m Bressay Bridge
    Viking Energy 8.9m
    White House 7.3m
    7m Bonxie

    7m Solan
    With nothing to show for it.
    - and after a while of having 6 tugs, seems we now need just 3?:
    But still need three 70 foot pilot boats at Sullom to take in 1 tanker a week.
    £2 million pound upgrade to the port radar (again), but we need this as 2 radars x 4 tugs = 1 pilot boat = 10 radars is just not enough. Better not let them know you can get AIS for free to plot the tankers position. Likely a bit sore still that they lost the helicopter for watching them?
    When the new piers came to Ulsta, the SIC left decent facilities for the local fleet, so what happened at the other side?
    Best thing the boats can do is just use the ferry pier at Toft. It's 30 plus years of ferries steaming whilst alongside at the piers instead of putting out ropes and saving fuel that's buggered the old pier. Same thing happened to the pier at Sella Ness with the tugs. 
    Da 1 million pound windows at da toon haa are now 1.7 million, about da same cost as a new pier.
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    crofter reacted to magwen in Fixed links   
    It would seem that your correspondent, Glipper, has been a wee bit mis-informed, on the subject of the "Leirna" crew toilet.  As someone who spent 9 years of his fishing career, doing his "jobbies" in a cut off 5 gallon drum, the subject of a "Leirna" crew toilet, is one of supreme, utter and total indifference, to me.  However, never let the facts get in the way of a good smear campaign......what say you Glipper ?
    Magnie Stewart
    ex Whalsay skipper and crewman on the Bressay ferry "Leirna".
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    crofter reacted to shetland2016 in Fixed links   
    Subsea Tunnels
    I do believe this way forward subsea tunnels for outer islands  Norway and  faroe Islands have proved that over years of operation it successful .SIC Members have been in faroe islands lately and have seen transportation system. In detail they know this way forward.  For funding this not so big issue as all over uk and Europe is private public partnerships with local Governments, Sic don’t have to take whole burden on their shoulders. And for time scale .to build tunnel from start the construction takes 2 years  max like yell sound 24 hour operation . so I think that harbors and ships could last this time as shurly not in that bad condition  .Scottish government  don’t object to fixed links as end day they would save funds as well. Would it   not be great go from unst to  Lerwick in short time Not to  worry on ferry times or weather conditions. People can move any time of day even to work.even to build tunnels required  construction crews min 2-300 construction people each one so this is  work for locals as well and good for islands, tunneling companies are Professional  people were by there been doing it over 50 years more so this not problem from start to complete at there cost not public funds
    Transportation number one for Sic to look at and  they must think min 30 years ahead for young generation  future and people of employment in outer areas  and thus would increase population on islands  tunnel is save and 120 years usage and more.   The ferry costs are high to operate if to give good service to island people .but even this  could put out to tender were by some company operates  it for them on contract  concession were by SIC don’t have to spend on ferries  directly or via consultant transport companies to pay large fees to them
    Airports same In faroe islands small airport but now was extended  to take Airbus 319- 320s into were by airline instead 40 50 passengers take 150 and more at one flight, thus  tourism and business can travel into faroes  to develop economy,   this were scasta Airport  can be lengthened by 700m can be done 
    And people could fly to Aberdeen low cost prices  were by easy jet  Ryne air would look at coming into island    to compete  same cargo aircraft  example for shell fish fly direct to Europe markets but this not possible because lack of a good normal Airport runway
    So Ladies and gentleman, things can be done but not just with SIC to have burden Private public partnerships way forward to develope region  shetland  can have more toursim as at present only max 50% used becuse avation facilitys not there   thats lost to shetlands becuse transportation requierments to offer airlines 
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    crofter got a reaction from waarigeo in Fixed links   
    Really?  If that is the case, why is there no backup ferry between Lerwick and Scalloway for when they are painting lines on the road at the brig o fitch?
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    crofter reacted to whalsa in Fixed links   
    Whalsay would benefit from a shorter crossing (10 minutes as opposed to 30 to Laxo or 45-50 to Vidlin) because as well as cutting down on peoples travel time the existing ferries could do more runs and the costs would be lower. 
    At the Community Council meeting in Whalsay last week the SIC made it clear there is no Plan B, either the Scottish Government comes with money to improve the service or we are stuffed and the Isles will be left to ruin. Not a good situation to be in. 
    As Ghostrider says, if we had our own autonomous Government with access to our own revenue streams then all of this would be much easier. The Faroese have world class transport links, there is no reason why we couldn't have the same. 
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    crofter got a reaction from George. in Fixed links   
    Really?  If that is the case, why is there no backup ferry between Lerwick and Scalloway for when they are painting lines on the road at the brig o fitch?
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    crofter reacted to turningright in Having a moan about the property system **sigh**   
    jesus wept, you have come to the wrong place.
    disregard almost everything above.
    going to a close is not legally required but is general practice, you can assume there are other notes of interest in and the seller wants to wait and give all interested parties notice enough to submit an offer if that is their intent.
    An offer regardless of any conditions on either part is not legally binding until the missives are sent.
    if you want to upset a seller by all means put a deadline for acceptance on it, most sellers will see through this bravado and think you are an amateur, or plain cheeky unless it is an incredible offer or a house they think won't sell.
    can you imagine negotiating verbally and agreeing without formal offers, you can't sell a plant pot in shetland without an ordeal never mind a house.
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    crofter reacted to paulb in Affordable Housing   
    islam is were Christianity was 700 years back its just that our nuts were restricted because of lack of communication and transport. nowt isis has done has not been done in Christs name. none of it is based on the real faith just mans desire for power and control. most people of faith or none are perfectly normal and nice people. i hate fear mongers.
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    crofter reacted to Claadehol in Frances   
    Ok! Ok!  I'm in sackcloth and ashes now!....... Sorry Frances, my remarks were uncalled for........ I regret making you sad!........Time to smile again!
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    crofter got a reaction from Kavi Ugl in Storytelling meetup in Lerwick for Research   
    possibly this story?
    Windhouse in Mid Yell was built in 1801 on the site of a previous house. It was always said to be haunted and things were heard going up and down the stairs. The servants were aware of forms passing them on the stairs and some were very frightened. The Spence family who owned the house were plagued by the deaths of three children on consecutive Christmases. The fourth year they decided to spend Christmas with cousins in Mid Yell. As they prepared to leave, they heard a knock and found a shipwrecked mariner at the door.
    The Spences fed and watered the man and told him of the fate of the children. The man didn't believe in the haunting and decided to stay in the house. They showed him where there was a great eetch [adze] for chopping wood that he could use as a weapon. At midnight a roar came about the house, it darkened inside, and the house shook. The man grabbed the eetch and threw it at a black lump, which fell into a heap of blubber on the ground. He told the people he'd killed the trow [troll, fairy] and it was buried at the head of the voe in Mid Yell, where the grass is still green.
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    crofter got a reaction from Kavi Ugl in Storytelling meetup in Lerwick for Research   
    Why do you think the trow has become a ghost?  (I don't think that is the case at all)
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    crofter got a reaction from Ghostrider in Storytelling meetup in Lerwick for Research   
    Why do you think the trow has become a ghost?  (I don't think that is the case at all)
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    crofter reacted to Infiltrator in 100 sheep shot   
    Story now gaining momentum, on the BBC news and Shetland news has an updated story.
    Someone killing 27 new born lambs and their ewes in one night is certainly what I'd term 'unstable' - and not someone who should have access to a firearm.
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    crofter reacted to Skerriesinthewilderness in School Closures   
    Just like to remind the SIC that you have wasted alot of money, time, and family life with closing and attemting to close viable schools.
    Reminding SIC that you saved nothing in closing Skerries Secondary School
    Shame on you Dr Wills for the incorrect info  you told. I will never trust a word you ever say.
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    crofter reacted to Capeesh in Shaping Staney Hill housing   
    I also know people at Quoys (another exposed hill) and the East Voe of Scalloway who are more than happy with their modern, well insulated houses.
    They work, have children and don't have drug/alcohol addictions either, as far as I'm aware.
    I think the Hjatland developments so far have been done well but at 400 houses this development is much bigger than anything they've done before.
    The need is obvious, but is concentrating so many houses in one area a good idea?
    It supports the idea that Lerwick is becoming a black hole, sucking investment towards itself, with 400 extra houses they'll need more money invested in the health centre, primary schools etc etc
    They could have stuck to what they are good at and built smaller developments and spread them around Shetland.
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    crofter reacted to Colin in Charitable Trust, independent of Council   
    Just read the article and, to be honest, I don't quite know what is "controversial" about their decision to reduce the number of SIC members as, not a single member of the trust (SIC otherwise) has been DIRECTLY ELECTED to the trust by the people they are meant to serve.
    I also took time to view the list of trustees and I honestly believe that not to many of them would withstand a public vote.
    Personally, I have no problem whatsoever with serving councillors being trustees PROVIDING they have been placed there by way of a separate election.
    What I do have a huge problem with is a self appointed group of wannabees who are able to select their own (suitable?) bedfellows/replacements without any proper reference to public opinion.
    Treating the electorate with contempt is going to cause them huge problems long term...
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    crofter reacted to southboy in Stationary Engine - Moving from the Mainland   
    i might be able to help here as im coming to shetland on saturday boat in a van so if you give me sizes will see if i can get it in cheers mike 
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    crofter got a reaction from Equality Street in Deleting Posts   
    I think the delete function is no longer available...  you might be able to ask a moderator to delete your whole profile and start again though?  Don't worry about it, and if it is any consolation I have always thought your posts are insightful and well written - nothing to cringe about!
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    crofter reacted to Ghostrider in Self-sustaining Shetland   
    ^ You can come with as many "politic speak" quotes as you like as you like, as not one of them proves one damn thing, excatly the same as Sturgeon saying that they will "look at exerting downward pressure on ferry fares" means diddly squat. "Looking" achieves nothing, any fool can look at anything, it takes a whole lot more than just "looking" to make effective positive improvements.
    "I look forward to Wir Shetland flourishing as a forum" - A forum?!?! His choice of word proves he hasn't the first clue what he's talking about.
    "This is the right time to press Shetland’s interest" - Dead right, WS is. Getting out, before we get dragged down any further by those in Holyrood, Westminster and Brussels.
    "We have previously committed to looking at devolving more autonomy to our islands....." - A "committment" that they have totally failed to deliver anything on, probably because once again, all they committed to was that infernal word, "looking".
    The fact remains at noplace and no time has either the SNP as a party or their local candidate ever said "Yes, Shetland can have a referendum for their own self-determination whenever they wish", and almost certainly never will, because all the rhetoric coming out of both is about a united independent Scotland which includes Shetland.
    Don't get me wrong, its very "nice" of them to make us feel so "welcome" and "included", but when all the love you ever feel from them is the same as the foster kid stuck on the end of a table in a family with 12 kids of their own feels, its all very distasteful and forced.
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    crofter reacted to whalsa in Self-sustaining Shetland   
    The possibilities for a self governing Shetland are almost endless. Yes there would be a lot to consider and a lot to fund but there would also be things which we are currently funding which we would no longer have to - bombing foreign countries, trident, railways and EU funding for example. 

    Would you not rather your taxes were spent in Shetland instead of being sucked to Brussels, London or Edinburgh and redistributed by politicians who don't give a damn about us?

    We would be able to protect our core industries and use the proceeds to develop others for the future. There are plenty of island groups who thrive with self governance, why would we be any different? 
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    crofter reacted to Rasmie in Self-sustaining Shetland   
    30 odd years fae  sine, an SIC convener predicted dat oer money Shetlanders hed huge mortages dae wid nivver pay aff.
    Hoosumever working Shetlanders continue to thrive despite governments and cooncils.
    Centralisation is a political machination dat is neither cost effective nor efficient.
    Maks dem easier to caa, dats aa.
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    crofter reacted to whalsa in Self-sustaining Shetland   
    ^^^ WS have recommended a candidate for a local election based on our belief he is the most conducive to furthering our aims. I don't know how many times I have to explain this to you.

    The fact that we are a group made up of a variety of people, who all share different political views, shows that we are already transcending British party politics. It is just people like yourself who refuse to accept that. If you personally knew many of our members, as I do, you would see that this is not an anti-SNP conspiracy, simply a group of Shetlanders who want to protect these islands from uncaring and distant Governments.

    As for what we are "churning out", if you don't like it don't read it.
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    crofter reacted to whalsa in Self-sustaining Shetland   
    I did not have the energy to repeat myself replying to Capeesh's silly comments so well done Ghostrider. 

    Most of our opponents seem to be people who are, in my view, far too absorbed in UK party politics and bickering too see that the issue at hand is much bigger for Shetland than any of that.

    The simple fact is none of the Parties will ever truly care about Shetland or it's interests, not unless they happen to coincide with their own for some reason. With a small population and coveted resources we are far too vulnerable to being sacrificed on the altar of politics in the name of the perceived "greater good". This is sadly the case whichever party is in power. 

    A self-governing Shetland may not be perfect but at least we could then rely on the Government to always try to do what is in our best interests. 
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