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  1. Actually the more you consume the quicker your payback as you will be saving your 14 or so pence you currently pay for electricity you import on top of the FIT for generation as opposed to 3p you getf from exporting. I saw a spreadsheet that this company had produced and it was using SAP which is a method that does not take into account where the panels are located in the UK! I think I mentioned before but the Energy Saving Trust provide free and impartial home visits that will accurately calculate your payback
  2. I see EST and da local renewable forum are doing an open house day in Brae dis Saturday at which dey are showing a solar PV in situ. From what I have heard this company are slighty overestimating generation, and as stilldellin has pointed out EST hiv a good solar calculator and also a local guy up here dat provides free and impartial advice fir dem. It is worth double checking we dem first.
  3. Thanks folks, it is a peerie new car and will be mainly main road driving but a few side roads. Being new it will have a new set of summer tyres on it already. So putting on all weather seems a bit of a waste, although guess I could try and sell originals and recoup some money. Seems a fair bit on the net warning against just putting winter tyres on front. In past I have mainly just coped with all weather but my other half is less confident in snow and will have to travel for work.
  4. Hi folks, Getting that time of year again and considering whether to get proper winter tyres or just go for all weather ones. If I go for the former I was just proposing to do front wheels only but willing to hear what you think. Seems there is differing opinions on this one. To throw in to the mix is advantages of getting separate rims for the car so it is a easy job to switch them over. I am guessing if I am going for winter tyres then I am going to end up storing the types anyway so rims are not going to add to space required! Views welcome. PS Sorry mods if this has been covered before but the search function ain't working
  5. 76% of Scottish Physiotherapists tuned out with a 89% yess vote. You can't just take one figure and use it.
  6. Thanks for da feedback, it has been very useful.
  7. Hi folks, I was wondering if anywhere locally stock the kindle? Or whether folks who have them use them for pdf reading and how they find it? Not a fan of pdf reading on netbook or desktop and looking for something as an alternative to printing
  8. I think the 15kW has always been plagued by problems, I think I noticed the Sandwick Social Club one was not operating today, I think that is a 15kW. Coincidence?
  9. Is it possible to get local Christmas meat/birds from somewhere? i.e Grown here rather than just bought from The Globe or somewhere "local" Organic would be an extra bonus too?
  10. Credit Unions typically pay a dividend on savings rather than an interest rate. The dividend rate will be determined by the members.
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