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  1. Absolutely! Just a pity the council didna upgrade some o dem when it hed da cash. Time to buy a 4x4 I doot! Or get BP/Total et al to contribute something towards the bill. Ho ho!
  2. Hi trout, A massive improvement! Thanks for all your efforts - now working fine again. Cheers
  3. Hi, Same problem here wi da Classifieds - just takes you to "Internet Explorer Cannot Display this Page". Cheers
  4. Surely a better way of saving cash would be to reduce the number of surly "staff" members mooching about the place. What do all these folk actually do?
  5. Why bother with 4x4 anyway? In my opinion if you can't get there with a front wheel drive car with snow tyres fitted you shouldn't really be setting out. It's just more to go wrong, worse performance and fuel economy, higher road tax, higher tyre wear, etc., etc.
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