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  1. I notice on my travels that an awful lot of people believe in psychic ability. At airports most passengers believe that airport staff have this ability. "will next tuesdays flight be on time" " when is the fog going to clear" " when is the volcano going to stop" If they knew that they could make a fortune without having to work!
  2. The mail planes all left on time, but don't know if they managed to land at their destination. The paper plane was looking distinctly soggy however.
  3. The restrictions only apply to liquids. Fill yer boots with solids if you want.
  4. trout said The different airport operators put their security out to tender on a regular basis as per EU regs. Until recently here it was OCS, who co-incidentally also do the big BAA airports(Aberdeen ,Heathrow etc.) as well as Solemn Vow. They are all regulated by the department of transport There have been quite a variety of companies running airport security, however, at least here, the personnel are transferred over, so its not noticeable except for the colour of their shirts. Black shirts and brown shirts I've never seen. Up here recently the airport authority accepted its own tender as being best?? this time. In my OPINION Manual security procedures vary according to the standard of the equipment used. I.e top notch x-ray = less hand searching . Crap equipment = more hand searching. However I notice that bigger airports employ extra people just to tell you to be prepared and have your stuff ready. This seems to smooth thing out at t'coal face.
  5. Our airport security is employed by the Scottish Parliament, through their agencies/qwangos HIAL and AMSL based in Inverness. The airlines are not involved in the running of security. The security guards are not allowed discretion and their work is constantly being filmed on CCTV. They are (to keep their jobs) under pressure to carry out their duties as interpreted by their masters in Edinburgh/Inverness. There is a strong possibility that these instructions may be a little over the top! If you have complaints please address them to your MSP as he is in a position to speak at a high enough level.
  6. JP For a guaranteed annual payment of ca £30,000,000 i could offer you an ABSOLUTELY FREE service, similar to the current one. Please send Cheques to....
  7. i've heard of someone off on full pay for two years and then go back to work. I think the best option is an instant termination of contract and worry about the consequences later! probably the cheapest option.
  8. Driving in denmark a couple of years ago and the polis had closed the road for hours for a large load negotiating a junction. Much bigger road than Shetland. It was a single blade for a wind mill. I doubt i anone has seriously looket at the logistics of getting these things around Shetland. Thank god its only going to affect the North Mainland!
  9. Well I think that Viking should put in a better landing system so they could avoid the turbines. £10-20M would be well spent on improvimnh landing facilities.
  10. auld een said Yes, its to make money for the shareholders.
  11. I read in the ST Readers Views that its gone up to £12,693.09. Must be the cost of fuel!!
  12. Mention was made of the Wind Turbines possible detrimental impact to aviation in the North Mainland. Specifically as regard to overshoot/missed approach zones. The CAA were going to do an assessment to see if there would be any unfortunate effects such as curtailing flying activities. Is this still a problem? Have the CAA given the all clear?
  13. is this man now a danger to the public at large!! Now if had said muslim extremist requires car for very short trip .................................. we would have an inkling. . or is he going to turn this island into a car dump
  14. Speaking of Millions. Has our hangar at Scatsta been built as an aamos to BP yet. Must be two years since we promised the money. anyone know if its up and running yet?? Now I hear there are rumours going about about big cutbacks in the oil industries requirements for flights??
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