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  1. RIP HM Coastguard in Scotland By the actions of certain stations (no names mentioned Shetland) we have sold the HM Coastguards place in Scotland, up the river. By keeping Shetland MRCC open (as it was the obvious choice for closure) we have in essense given away our rights to a MOC in Aberdeen. This as we all can guess will make any government plans in future years to easier to close all the coast stations in Scotland and slowly contract all operations to the MOC in Southampton. I hope you are all enjoying you moment of aparent victory remaining open Shetland as i see us all closing in the coming years, with no coastguard MOC in Scotland and if you want to remain in the service then moving south the only option. Congratualtions Shetland MRCC, Killers of the HM Coastguard in Scotland
  2. Very interesting that a review of the document is taking place. Hopefully this will make the proposals more acceptable. As long as the analysists of the questions are composed of a equal cross section of the coastguard. Imagine if for instance part of this review team had a MRCC Stornoway influence and no MRCC Shetland influence, then how could the concerns of Shetland Ops room be taken into account. I understand that this is meant to be a unbais review and a united view of a new and improved coastguard service. Unfortunately we are all human and everyone has a hidden agenda when it comes to our lively hoods and family lives.
  3. Hello Fish gutters, weavers and unemployed, I read your link to the news article in the previous comments. I am concern with a few things regarding it. 1. Why does the government source wish to remain anon.? 2. Was this a plan to canvas the shetland islanders votes to ensure the lib dems got re-elected? 3. Now the Lib Dems are re-elected will this report disappear along with shetland coastguard? 4. Cant maintain comms with shetland!!!! Come on guys, i can call Australia for as long as i like on my £9.99 pound stretcher mobile phone for as long as i can fund the credit!!!
  4. I ask how many coastguards (ops room staff) in shetland are actually from shetland, born and bred? If you compare your number of calls compared to how many the yorkshire police get, shetland coastguard probably get as many in 10 years as yorkshire police get in a day!
  5. Bobdahog, internet bullying is also against the law of the land and a crime. Your last post suggesting voilence towards me was not sensible was it now.? IP address and authorities you say???
  6. Bobajob, you are really some case. KNow nothing about me, just rant on at me and then accuse me of making racial comments. All my posts on here are either my personal opinions or facts and at no point have i made any detrimental statements racial or other. I will freely admit i have joined in the banter conveyed to me at times on this forum. I put it to this forum that the majority of people are victimising me, by rejecting all my points, contradicting all my points to their own entertainment and slandering my good character. This is on top of trying to groom me on the forum to disclose personal information such as employment, name etc which is illegal i have to inform you and everyone else on this site. I apologise to the well behaved people like myself on this site, but i am getting drawn into discussions with the less well heeled and rustic people on this forum.
  7. Mr Angry Please devulge your name, employment, address and personal details also? What requirement is it of yours my occupation, this is a public domain and if i cant come on here and pose a few questions, i put it to you that you are out of order!
  8. Quarffie etal, If i am resorting to insults it is because speak to you guys is like banging your head against a brick wall. Now comms is lost, is to the vessel or to the full island. If we can communicate with people on the other side of the world at anytime of the year or day but shetland is such a special case when it is mentioned about closing their station. If you guys cant accept it and just try to make excuses with everything, is this a islander ethos to alway look at the negative side. Wait it cant be because Stornoway arent, or is it because they know they will be staying open as a day station at least? Your station IS a very quiet station! Your names of place are not that difficult as the islands are not that big! Also we have computer mapping, charts, all bells and whistles! Tides are not an issue as the RNLI and SARIS will deal with them! You are just a crowd of uncle alberts trying to justify your easy job! Also why should you guys get distant island allowance of £3000 to £4000 a year for staying on a island that you choose to stay on? If you are honest most shetlanders are either in the boozer or in the dole centre anyway so what is a few more?
  9. Barton Redstane, Bobajob etc I have beter things to do than try to educate simpletons. If you read back to the orginal question posed be bobajob about rescuing this casualty. In my reply, one of the first questions i asked was "what was the last harbour you departed from?" Local names or not, having the name of the harbour means you dont have to worry about local names for rocks, skerries etc. Bobajob was relucant to answer or was unable to answer and kept slavering doon his chin and going on like an uneducated baffoon. Once the last harbour of departure is you can then identify the local resources and they tap into their knowledge about local names for every stone around shetland. You guys are just demonstrating how unreasonable and unwilling to accept change. What is worng with moving to Aberdeen, anyone watch officer and above is getting paid for a mobile grade, i say so your metal do what you are paid for, show commitment to the job and move to Aberdeen to ensure there is a shetland pod of local knowledge to ensure the future safety of you fellow islanders!
  10. Hey guys lets back track here a bit, Who said i was a Coastguard? Did I? First thing they teach you for working at a busy station with a Large district is never assume! So i am led to believe.
  11. Scarf Quote'I want them to be is an efficient and knowledgable one which, as a regular user of their services, Unquote You said it in your later posting and i was just questioning in what context are you a regular user! No offence intended, and i apologise if you are very touchy regarding the subject.
  12. Brink thank you for that. I have been trying to explain that to these guys for sometime now that some of there comments are unacceptable. Cheers mate
  13. Scarf your last comment worries me, you said you are a regular user of the coastguard. Does that mean you are a liability? Should you really be going to sea? If we charged people like you we could open more stations never mind closing some.
  14. MR ANGRY WROTE Quote: You lot are really being impossible.! How? By trying to save one of our lifesaving blue light services? Mr Angry please get you facts right, there is no blue lights flashing in the Shetland Coastguard ops room and the coastal rescue teams with the blue lights will remain, co-ordination will be from Aberdeen until such point that they can appoint a coastal office as OIC.
  15. Bobdahog will you wipe your chin and stop slavering and realise that with the perfect questioning, use of resources and IT systems available to busy coastguard stations that the casualty is home, safe and well having his tea. Did it happen too fast for you, is speed not a requirement at shetland. Is the golden hour something you do on your breaks? Question answered, you were made to look stupid now get over it bobdahog and move on!
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