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  1. I cannot abide lamb or mutton in any form, I've even been known to leave the house to escape the cooking smell. and liquorice - urgh!
  2. ^^ Probably the comment of someone who thinks "2 Pints of Lager" is a hilarious romp! Lighten up, we're not above parody any more than anyone else! He's making fun of people from Yorkshire too you know....
  3. Ok am prepared for the onslaught here, but I would have to say one of the most annoying songs ever is The Drugs Don't Work by The Verve. Dirge.... Or anything by The Beautiful South (special mention for Perfect 10 - urgh!)
  4. What are you talking about, that song was fab! Lithuania's most successful entry ever I believe! Yes I know, sad sad sad! Sorry
  5. Strawb

    Dodgy Song Lyrics

    I would be a bit surprised to say the least! Though I've never had such an experience, and I don't think I fall into the same category as Shakira
  6. Strawb

    Dodgy Song Lyrics

    Shakira's 'classic' - "Lucky that my breasts are small and humble, so you don't confuse them with mountains" Is that a common problem??
  7. At the risk of being redirected swiftly to the drunk zone, is it not a tad conceited to expect everyone to know where we are?!?! Does it really mak much odds??? (Though I have to point out to Medziotojas, not only can I point out Lithuania, I can hum the anthem decently on a good night too !!)
  8. Scoop is by far the cheapest place I've found Blue Dragon Sweet Chili Sauce, think it was about 60p cheaper than anywhere else I'd seen!
  9. Now come du Njugle, du kens perfectly weel it's 'phat'!
  10. I'm really not sure education about food/exercise is the only issue when it comes to obesity and overeating. I bet of all the people you know, it's the overweight ones who best know the nutritional stats of most foods in the house!!! You can have all the education in the world but without willpower or the right mindset it will make no difference. Anyone who has tried to lose weight will know how soul destroying it can be! I, for one, know perfectly well that if I have that fish supper/chicken korma it's going to be sticking around on the hips for a while. I know that sitting watching Corrie is a less healthy option than if I was to go for a walk, swim, cycle etc - yet here I am still with far too much junk in my trunk! Albeit I am actively trying to do something about it.......
  11. I was under the impression even obese people paid their stamp/taxes? A lot of A&E cases are self inflicted - does that lessen their right to treatment? If someone injures themselves playing sport I don't see people complaining about their taxes going towards their treatment.
  12. What scintillating company you must keep, that your lunch is spent counting fat people???
  13. Apart from the Ness of course...........
  14. Must have been the same one that called Njugle, that called me. The conversation consisted of "Hello I was wondering if you have any problems with your Sky TV" "Eh, we don't have Sky" "Sorry to have troubled you" ...click. Highly odd.
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