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    graphics, photography, web, music, drums, pool, power kites
  1. http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3492/3912488343_b71b8eb972.jpg
  2. http://www.myspace.com/thebrothelcorpsetrio Two thirds Shetland band, based in Aberdeen. And all the songs are downloadable here for a little while.
  3. Dunno, I was quite impressed with this programme too. ^another great Aerial photographer is Alex Maclean. Id say some of the most interesting photos ive seen lately.
  4. This is dam good. Are you playing bass full time now then?
  5. Aw yuss, im heading up James.
  6. Could my site be added to the list please? Should there be a section for graphic design or design in general? http://www.jonosandilands.com/
  7. Hope it happens or is it nay reel?
  8. If your in Aberdeen over the next week or so you should have a look at the former E&M building on Union Street and also the covered space that runs along by the new Bus Terminal. There are posters which are part of the Wall of Statement project; Theres some pictures here - More info here and another picture gallery - http://aki-project.freehostia.com/index.html
  9. Im hoping Bacchus won last night?
  10. Heres the pink version there is also a plain black version available. http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2170/2262819667_8d870cd8ea.jpg
  11. You can pick up one of those posters at the gig for cheap - they are limited edition hand printed by myself - money goes towards the bands! (and a few £'s for my materials!)
  12. +44 and punk in the same sentence should never have existed. :but to my knowledge +44 have never sold themselves as being punk. I think they're crap though. Bacchus - 'You're crazy' has no "taboo" words in it. Rejection of the mainstream/nonconformity is a part of the punk ethic. But they should be pushing local music.
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