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  1. One incredibe fact was that 556 priests are under active inestigation or facing accusations in the US under one particular cardinal who was also the main subjects boss. Another was that the now pope headed a department of the vatican that had the independent authority and mutimillion dollar budget to broker confidential payoffs to victims worldwide and sweep it under the carpet while smoothing over police investigations. Unbeievable.
  2. Appologies pooks I had just finished watching my skyplus recording of it and my righteous ingidnation took over. At my time of life I shouldn't be surprised by these people but god almighty this sickened me to the pit of my stomach. It was on More4 and will surely be repeated or caught on their ondemand service. Harrowing mind boggling powerful and a glimpse of real unabashed evil in both the priest and his bosses. If they really believed what they preach they'd be turdting themselves over their own day of judgement. And that includes the so called"holy see".
  3. More an invite on discusion on the systematic cover up of abuse by one of the worlds largest organisations and a religious one at that. But whatever.
  4. One of the most powerful documentaries I've ever seen. And what an inditment of the institution concerned. (***Mod Edit - Presuming that this refers to the documentary film 'Deliver Us from Evil' (2006) and as such has been moved to the TV, Film, Arts and Literature section***)
  5. still and all I think I'll avoid posting on topics where folk we know are involved. too close to home. too easy to judge. and get it wrong.
  6. ^^done some checking online and with a friend up there and your right and I'm wrong, it seems GR. learned a lesson today. don't listen to rumour and always check your facts. that'll learn me to open me gob.
  7. hang on a sec. it was said in court and no one argued that the pups had inhaled blood which was evidence they hadn't died straight away. so what's all this about no cruelty? seems as tho if a animal died of being systematic beating to death instead of one mighty blow that seems cruel to me. but thankfully I'm not an expert on cruelty which seems to me a matter of viewpoint. funny thing is JJS is a big lad and you'd think if he wanted to hit something with a fencepost he'd kill it straight off. especially a seal pup. or 20.
  8. Without paying for the entire expensive report I believe this company will provide youwith details of income and expenditure for any organisation whether public funded, charitable or private. I verymuch doubt that the schools in Shetland are being run as private companies with shareholders and directors. If you believe otherwise pay for a report and provide the details. Until then it's just more paranoia from what I can see.
  9. I wasn't getting at you hellsbells. Honest! It was more the ones that make out a supermarket is an evil entity intent on destroying all that is good in the world. It's a shop. If people choose no to shop there, they lose money. So they sell stuff cheaply, often tat, but so do asda, co op, morrisons and others. Maybe Shetland should get a Poundland?
  10. That's strictly for you young whippersnappers! It's a long time since this old bachle was mistook for under 25! If any of their staff do, they'll be pished themselves!
  11. I take it you weren't buying a board game?! Co-op used to sell tellys and plenty other leccy stuff as far as I recall. It's been 18 month or so since I was in but I bought a telly there when I was. Well I was on a budget for my daughter, so... It's not just "the great Satan Tesco" that sell that stuff, so why does no one complain about that? If you don't like it, don't shop there. I very much doubt the days coming any time soon when Tesco is the only bloody store on Shetland so stop over reacting. Let those who want to shop there, shop there. Let those who don't, not. Personally I still resent the fact that 2 years ago a certain electrical store in a certain center charged me £35 MORE for an item than I would have paid on the mainland, where I later found out it only cost £40. I don't mind a small mark up but I do mind a rip off. Since then I have learnt to check out prices and shop around. I don't care what anyone says, being on the mainland helps on keeping cost down. And whether it's CDs, DVDs, books, clothes or leccy stuff, I haven't found a site that is more expensive than Shetland prices yet. I never minded supporting local traders when I lived up there but I don't miss it now (or rather my wallet doesn't!!).
  12. if a not proven can be brought back into a court if further evidence comes to light would you not understand a victims family being pissed off at what they'd see as someone getting off lightly tho? Dunno if it can be done tho. If they did whatever it was kagain God forbid, I found an article on the Moorov Doctrine on Wikipedia while trying to further my pitiful legal knowledge. I thought it was interesting but maybe I'm just sad that way?! See, Shetlink ejookaites you. Fakt.
  13. ^^^causing death by dangerous driving is different to actual murder tho surely? Murder as you say is where someone consiously decides to take another life, I could see where that could be lessened to culpable homicide with death by driving (if it can be, sorry dunno the case you mention and your right, t&cs means we shouldn't discuss) but I can't see how that could work with murder etc and human rights which must come into it surely? The right to fair trial or whatever it is this month (just kidding I know I know). Now that you mention it I think I have heard of judges directing jurys to ignore one charge and consider another. Then again I'm not getting younger and could just be recalling an old "crown court" or "Rumpole" episode!?!
  14. BTW it WAS Sir walter Scott who coined the term not Burns (who was probably just calling the whole legal system bar stewards given his brushes with them!). Found this on Shuggys Blog where he defines Not Proven in effect as being... "We think you did it. In fact we lumpsooker KNOW you did it. We cannae prove it but you better watch yer step, ya wee bar steward" It's when the press crawl in and misrepresent with the assistance if the not proven suspect pointing fingers at everyone to avoid attention on themselves, that it all gets screwed up. IMO anyway
  15. I'm not aware of any procedure where crown office can offer two charges against an accused for the same crime. Only circumstances I have heard of murder reduced to culpable homicide is on specific grounds such as diminished responsibility for instance. If I'm wrong I'll accept it, I'm good like that! I've been reading back through old posts, having just come back to Shetlink after a hiatus of a year or so and a move south and have seen Sherlock say on a thread that once the cops report the case, it's out of their hands and charges are decided by crown office so for once you can't blame them for this, ghostrider. That's if it's even possible to offer alternative at the same time as a higher or more serious charge. Seems you'd be showing straight away that the evidence wasn't there for a higher charge being proved?! I'm sure they go through cases carefully before they get to court to make sure they are happy with the charge being offered. Anyone know if it is possible? [/u]
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