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  1. So you're the one responsible for paaps, pillie, pintle, pish, pished, turdten, Simmerin Toms, tifter, Tiftin Simmond and dröltin tree? Has anyone ever heard of Simmerin Toms, Tiftin Simmond and dröltin tree? Are they for real? If so, where can I buy them??? Late Valentine's pressy.
  2. thanks. had a look at Pooks link and after reading that adn Bryans comments haev decided its not worth trying thank yoooooo all meh
  3. Has anyonen ever won any prizes on the premeum bonds? I've had over £100 invested since I was a wee'een, but haven't won a penny. Has anyone here won anything and if so whats their biggerst prize? LJ
  4. We have relatives who run a very strange but very popular alien conspiracy website in the US and it has a busy discussion forum. Most of their reveneu comes frmo google advertising on their site. Have shetlink though about usingn this? Does anyone know if this can work on any website? like our own family website? if so how? LJ
  5. Maybe some lessons on how to type would be useful as well. Especially after some beer. See, no spelling errors.
  6. Just watch, Conochies'll have the decorations for sale by end of month. been out for a few think i had a bad pints so wher edo we ogo fir chirtmas then/
  7. Well it's nearly Christmas again and myself and mrs jigger have agreed to go away this year. Hve never been away fro christmas before but this year we want to go somewhere nice, not too hot, cold or expensive Has anyone else gone away for christmas and if so where would you recommend. Chrismas is comeing, the goose is getting fat.
  8. Ive been on Shetlopedia several times and have found very interesting. i think in principle it is a good idea but needs to have more intuitive navigation to help find all the information that is on the site. There is a lot of information on the site but they don't tell you anywhere what information there is. The website is only a few weeks old and i think as it grows this will improve as more and more information is added. Frances144 they have a page for each business now and not just a list of business links. You can add a page for your own business or ask thenm to do it for you
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