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  1. Things have gone very quiet. Everyone happy with Mareel now it's here?
  2. Agreed, it also makes it difficult for the private sector to compete when trying to get staff. As far as I am aware distant islands allowance is funded from central government, so if the council didn't pay it, they wouldn't get the funding from the government, therefore there would be no actually saving to the sic.
  3. Rug Doctor is amazing, it's the best carpet cleaner I have used - and I have tried quite a few in the past! The best thing is that it does not soak the carpet and it dries very quickly.
  4. A good Valetines gift for that special person lol
  5. in what way sexual discrimination?
  6. Hi there, does anyone know of any male massage therapists in Shetland. I know of many female ones, but none male. Anything considered, full-trained, or training? Ta (***Mod Edit - Moved to Consumer Advice & Resources***)
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