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  1. You can also fly to Inverness which has flights to London. I've started buying codeshare tickets from BA for Shetland-Scotland-London so that I don't have to worry about missing flights if the fog grounds everything here. They're on the limit of affordable, but it takes the worry out of mixing airlines, which I have to do more often due to Flybe no longer operating the Aberdeen-Gatwick route.
  2. In this case, size is important - the buildings are simply not big enough to take a full size one
  3. Aberdeen to Gatwick was my most used route - but they were losing money on it, so it got chopped.
  4. There will be lifesize Killer Whale and Minke Whale heads in the new vistor centre.
  5. One of this year's tourist booklets contained a great typo about the Mareel... it said it was due to open in 2021 instead of 2012
  6. And the story goes... 1. Lamb gets into enclosed field with mum on the outside - cue lots of bleating 2. Phone SSPCA - very helpful 3. Nearest neighbour manages to get get lamb and ewe in an enclosed paddock... but they get out!
  7. I only saw them once since I posted, so presumed they had been rescued... until just now, when they strolled past my living room window. Give them credit, they seem to have survived a week on the loose! I live down a steep hill and have just watched them walk all the way along the road, inside the barrier. The adult looks very straggly around the neck, like it's been trying to push through (or it could be perfectly normal!). They don't have the markings like all the sheep in the field opposite. Think I will call the SSPCA.
  8. There's a sheep and lamb which seems to have got free from its field and wandering outside my house for the past couple of days - not that unusual for Shetland, I know, but I live just off the main south road which they can now access. Is there anyone I can tell?
  9. I thought I'd seen it all in Shetland until... I was traveling north between Levenwick and Sandwick and someone overtook me on the inside of the Bigton bend
  10. On Sunday, I saw two on the cliffs, so it's the calm before the mass arrival!
  11. Not had a chance to buy this week's paper - is it on today (April 7) ?
  12. Anyone heard if this is on or off - as the ad says weather permitting (I think the weather is quite tame at the mo, but not sure what level of weather forces cancellation).
  13. I fall in love with Shetland properties on a regular basis and I don't need to peek inside - it's like seeing someone you fancy... sometimes, you go off them when you get to know them, but from the outside they are hot
  14. After buying my car, I used to get flashed quite a lot when I had the regular lights on. I had it serviced, and nobody flashed me, so I'm guessing something was slightly wonky and it got sorted by the garage.
  15. After buying my car, I used to get flashed quite a lot when I had the regular lights on. I had it serviced, and nobody flashed me, so I'm guessing something was slightly wonky and it got sorted by the garage.
  16. "To begin a journey of discovery you must put on the boots of self awareness." Lynette's sister, Desperate Housewives
  17. I think the Glasgow flights (and Kirkwall) are more expensive (in advance) than they were in the last couple of years. I still feel you can get some good bargains for Edinburgh and Aberdeen. Last September I booked a return to Gatwick for February, and got all four legs for under £200 - so cheap is out there.
  18. I agree with the essence of this thread but I do not agree with those who flash their lights to 'inform' that driver 'a' thinks driver 'b' should have their lights on/off/down. There's a lot of citing the Highway Code and reference to driving instructors - yet none of them would recommend flashing your lights at an oncoming driver. I know there's arguments for this (perhaps if lights are off in total darkness) but is there any point in venting your feelings with a short sharp dazzle?
  19. I find the detail of a 'school which offers A'level education' to be particularly fine moment from the 'estate agent'....
  20. After 18 months living in Shetland, thought I'd better get one. Searching on Google and the council's website hasn't enabled me to find details about the scheme. Any ideas???
  21. Do Shetlanders get called up for jury service? Is it in Aberdeen? I sense my time is coming!
  22. I had a similar late Edinburgh booking for business which came out at a whopping £405 return. But then I've also had a £36 flight to Aberdeen to balance things out. I've already booked several flights for next year, and although they are cheaper, they don't all seem to be as much of a bargain as when I did the same thing last year. On a positive, I recently changed a flight and was pleasantly surprised when the call centre woman told me that it was £60 cheaper to buy a new flight rather than change the exisiting one. A good example they are not all out for our money, and customer service does exist!
  23. Wasn't there a one-off flight this summer? It was advertised in the Times??
  24. Made a long list but have ended up buying three - Bergen return for £94 and two Edinburgh returns in May and July for £103 a go.
  25. Another [shetland] sale this weekend - 25% off + ADS. Flights to Bergen included
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