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  1. I recently looking into this about a month or two ago and there is nothing in Shetland, nearest place is Aberdeen but it is not a short course. NAFC used to do this, but no longer. Shetland College offer the apprenticeship, but not short courses. Ocean Kinetics you need to be qualified, or again on an apprenticeship. Still trying to source appropriate course on the mainland. Would be super if it could get started again up here, quite a few people seem to be interested!

  2. I used to play with the women's team back in 2005/6, we had a brilliant time, playing against Orkney, Bergen and as someone said the rugby sevens. Mike Skinner was our coach (along with a few helpful others).


    Daniel Meadow's is definately the person to contact, if people (women/girls) are interested let him know. If there is enough girls then they might start training again. I now do pitch side physio for the guys so would be happy to help out but sadly no longer play due to shoulder injury.

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