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  1. Cant fault the Mareel at all, i love it and it was well needed in Shetland. the cinema is awesome and the staff are all friendly and helpful
  2. so just to clarify, do we not need to stop for people at that thing then? i dont but have always wondered what it was
  3. let get rid of theresa may and get trump here in charge, this brexit thing is a joke
  4. Maybe if we had Trump instead of Threasa May running this country then we might not be a laughing stock in the EU
  5. I think why support the local shops and buy local when they don't support me. They charge sometimes 4 times the price of things that i can get online or from coop/tescos. But i also know its hard to run a business at a profit in the town and they need to make money but tbh i need money too so i do what i have to do. Its not nice but its how i feel about local business.
  6. Had a meal at the Brasserie Restaurant lerwick hotel for my dads 60th. The decor was awesome. Lovely staff very chilled. The food was great. the only thing we didn't like was the puddings, but still enjoyed every min there. Huge improvment since we went last time a few years back, we had a table in the back , ugly green room with no windows so very glad they did away with that.
  7. There's only one or two places that will charge you a fiver for fish and chips. Tesco or the Co-op The college does a mean fish,chips and peas for the students 4.50 and for non students 5.40 . not bad
  8. Such a shame. I can see a few more closing in a year or two, there are too many restaurants in Lerwick.
  9. Ok well i retract my contradictory statement then and say i cannot afford private rent as yes i can pay it but it would leave me with 50 pound or less to my name at the end of the month with my current wage. I cannot get a mortgage but cheers for the advise
  10. I will get a letter written and see where it gets me. I do know someone who does exactly what you have said and it seems to be working fine for them. It does piss me off though when i know someone like me could do with a house yet they pretend to be living in their nice country house but stay with friends in the town. I also know a couple who have a council house each and live together in one and the other house is sitting there empty but i guess that's happening all over.
  11. Thank you the cleaner i will try my best, really am going out of my mind. I did try the mortgage route, i could only get 40000 as my income is not enough so i asked my dad to go with me for a joint mortgage and we did get a higher amount but as he is not far from retirement age then we could only get a 10 year mortgage with monthly repayments of £1000 which is too much for me. I will stick to the council and hjatland for now and if nothing can come of it then moving south is the last resort but that you all for your advise.
  12. cheers guys, yes i will check what points i have, i'm going tomorrow to speak to them. I will update them on everything but still think it will get nowhere but i will try. Living in my grannies living room is driving me insane
  13. Thanks, yes i apply everytime a house becomes available, even the 3/4 bedroom houses which is daft but im desperate.
  14. Thanks, from what i can see its unst, yell etc quite far as i work in lerwick and dont have a car
  15. Does anyone have any tips on getting a council house? Ive been on the list for years and years, i work, dont take drugs, dont have children, i really dont know what else i can say to get a house. I see people causing crimes in the paper all the time who live in council houses etc and i think how lucky they are and i see people who dont work or have no intentions of working yet they get a house. What am i doing wrong. I dont earn enough for a mortgage yet i could afford private rent but having a huge chunk of my wages going to some greedy landlord pisses me off when i could be using the money on a mortgage. Its coming to the point that im looking south and it will probably be my only option. Any ideas, and i really dont want sarcastic comments from ghost etc im not in the mood
  16. I love this website but i dread posting anything tbh just incase i get a sarcastic comment in return. I hardly even look at the forums these days because its the usual names commenting the usual drivel.
  17. Can anyone recommend any good mortgage advisers in shetland? Im thinking to try buy my first home as i will never get a council house.
  18. Hello, can anyone recommend an architect who isnt gonna cost an arm and a leg ? Cheers
  19. Just wondering, is the scrapstore open on Saturday? just an answer please i dont need any sarcastic or moany comments, cheers
  20. Ive finally moved to pc, Im addicted to Dayz standalone. Anyone play it?
  21. Just wondering why the business name was removed? I think people should know about the backward minded person
  22. So I recently had an interview at the [***Mod edit - local business name removed***] where the interviewer told me that she does not like to take on locals because we are unreliable and lazy, as I don't have the Shetland accent I assume she didn't know I was local but after asking me about my alcohol habits I told her I was local. As I predicted I didn't get the job. I am not bitter, I just think that if someone said this about black people or foreign people then it would be a different story.
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