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  1. I wish we could vote now
  2. There was this one time i parked at the disabled spot outside the royal bank of scotland at 11.30ish at night to get some cash out and was told to move by the police? I get your not supposed to use the disabled spot but come on. Apart from that i think the soup at the GBH servery is very good
  3. I wish people would get over the mareel, its done now.
  4. there was probably no wife, i bet the staff was just annoyed at people leaving junk on the side. If not then if it only took 1 woman to complain to stop it why dont we all complain to have it back
  5. I heard that its gonna be great, Cant wait!!!
  6. Im thinking about taking a trip up to brae to try the chip shop, What do you guys think of them? Is it worth the trip?
  7. What kind of singed memorabilia do you have? How did you go about getting it signed. Share your stories. My bf and i met britney spears in Manchester and she signed a programme for us, was amazing but the people she had around her were very pushy and negative. They say you should never meet your idols but she was great. I also have a signed photo from graham norton lol
  8. I wanna try some of his amazing meat now, his plan worked!! lol
  9. How much money did they waste flying to the butchers ? If it didnt effect there training and they were there anyway i dont see the problem.
  10. why didnt they buy the local butcher meat, Orkney meat cant be that much better lol
  11. Could be part of the shetland syndrome? I say this as a Shelty! I think it's more a scottish problem. I still get a shock when using Zebra Crossings in London - cars actually stop! Even on busy roads. True. Same here, i didnt expect the cars to stop for us in London but they did! was great!
  12. Dear Bug, If the public toilets close at midnight and the pubs close at 1 is it ok to pee up a lane?
  13. fusion, i totally blame the seats at the garrison, i dont care if you think im not comited by this, if they spent the money getting better seats at the garrison i would go
  14. Im sure they are not doing this on purpose. I feel weird telling the receptionist my problems but i suppose it helps to rule out who is main priority and who just has a cold.
  15. Can the police do anything about this or is what they are doing legal?
  16. I agree, its here now lets just enjoy it, being able to watch the big films advertised on tv will be great.
  17. I might have to get them chipped, gonna cost a bomb but its worth it. cant stand the lingering smell of cat spray
  18. How can i stop stray cats coming in my cat flap and spraying up my walls? Cheers
  19. Anyone know how to cure vampirism in Skyrim?
  20. I bought Skyrim the other day, its bloody hard ! Maybe i am playing wrong but i get killed really fast, only a few hits and im dead, apart from that the game is so cool. Dont think i have enough hours in the day to play it lol the map is massive
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