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  1. most new phones come with wifi built in so what is the point?
  2. i have been using windows 7 for a few months now, i must say i think it is brilliant, i have even installed it on my nc10 netbook and i reckon it is faster than xp.it's stable(never crashed yet) runs everything. a breath of fresh air after the bloater vista debacle(i know i was a microsoft beta tester for vista) any thoughts?
  3. have pretty much done se asia over the last few years but chiang mai in the north of thailand my choosen spot. Its a large city with a wee feel and it's cheap as chips and there is tonnes to do also classic for the much dreaded visa run to burma. so pm me if you're passing through
  4. sync sounds like a whole lot of fun but how can you sync nearly 100gb onto an 80gb i pod. i know exactly what music/audiobooks/podcasts i want on my player. i know every song back to front. i have been building my music collection since i was 9. unless your on a massive fast internet connection you can probably only download say 1 gb of music etc which i tend to put in a folder could NEW MUSIC then i listen to it and either archive properly or delete it. i have found a pod manager anapod which lets me do exactly this. i really dont need the dumbing down approach to access large amounts of data, after all i do it every day with over 420gb of data spread over several drives.
  5. ahhh yes over the last 8 years i have been building albums that i have lost over the years track by track, putting them in neat folders withing folders eg clash 1 folder with 13 folders within for each album. as i have added them to itunes it has seen fit to split these in to seperate songs from different albums. even if i group by artist its still a pigs ear, tracks all over the shop. without sounding pc centric on my iriver i pointed the sreen at "the clash" folder and it just played every folder"album" until there was no clash songs or albums to play. iriver set it structure out as a dos tree, simple effective and required very little processing power. it also played nearly every codec and could record from any source to any codec on the fly, battery life is 16 hours+ i dropped it at least twice a day from van seat hight. not a hiccup. so why you ask an ipod well i thought it would have all been sorted by now and the irivers are selling(nearly) for what i paid for it 3 years ago, as prof music heads are buying them to record stuff. its not just itunes, media player 11 is as much a twatting nightmare. here endth the lesson stick with what you know, files and folders = id3 no need no need dos tree still reigns. sorry about the rant.
  6. yes just found how to add tracks to itunes from external hd. it has just spread 5578 tracks all over the shop it takes about 3 mins to scroll through them. sorry apple i came i saw i was deeply unimpressed. ill use anapd drag and drop. when will apple learn that i have a right mouse button. so much for being a template for interface design, as someone who has dabbled in software design this is a pigs ear no matter which way you cut it. windows api for drag and drop simple effective not pissing around easy. get the finger out apple your not as good as you think you are....ill take the pepsi challange with anyone who thinks that they can get data onto the ipod through itunes faster than i can with windows. case closed...
  7. the qeustion should be "do you trust science?" which is a theory backed up by repeatable experiments, so i doesn't matter about who is doing the science. as repeated on csi "follow the evidence". scientist lie for all sorts of reasons fame, funds and ego etc but if the theory stands up to the riggers of repeatable experiments by others in the know its probably right. science is also learning which means it constant needs revision, as we learn new things they might affect the thing we thought we knew.
  8. yes what i mean is i would like to watch quicktime over say firefox in a minimised window. ill just use zoomplayer its a lot less hassel. as for itunes i have not got my ipod yet so i was premptivley pissing about. sorry for making you look at my words. cheers
  9. i have cut grass all over in the last 12 years, heylor and gletness have been the 2 places that have taken my breath away...just stunning no matter what the weather. do i win?
  10. as a newbie itunes/quicktime is there some glaring errors in itunes and quicktime...itunes cannot add a drive to library(music on external HD) quicktime no always on top. im i just being daft. i should explain i have bought an ipod as my iriver ihp140 is way too valuable to be using at work. hence the apple software, any ideas
  11. has anyone used zoomplayer, i use it for everything (music and video) ill go out on a limb and say its the best piece of software/interface design i have ever seen. i can use my cordless mouse as a remote. you can customise everything, geek chic of the highest order. standard is free it plays everthing apart from dvds(pro does). god its clever, better than vlc which i have used for the last 4 yrs or so. google it.
  12. zoom player can be found at http://www.inmatrix.com/files/zoomplayer_download.shtml on the same subject bsplayer used to be good but haven't used it for a while cheers
  13. recently i have been more and more hacked off with media player 11, vlc is good but i have discovered zoomplayer which to my mind is what all media players shoud be it plays everthing(apart from dvd which you need the pro version for) the interface is sharp and fully programmable ie you choose which keys do what i have mine set up to use my wireless mouse wheel to contol volume, forward reverse etc. you can alter the aspect ratio and it doesn't use loads of resourses, it makes me smile every time i use it.
  14. bootsie emplyment update he's driving forklifts at D.I.T.T(i don't even think he has a valid license)
  15. my staple over the last few years is encona west indian hot pepper sauce(original) which i lash on just about anything it's also great fun to lightly smearing on bog roll to catch out the unaware..
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