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  1. had look at it last night seems to be white wet wall with stickers on it.
  2. yes shingle has arrived on the foreshore, interesting to see how long before it finishes up in the museum. via the windows
  3. after two years of living on a building site it looks like the residents around the new museum are the last to get an invite to see around the place. nothing new there then. wonder if someone will be down there on 30th may painting the sea blue for the royals arriving the next day??
  4. is it just the water in lerwick that tastes terrible, better off drinking water straight from the swimming pool, on top of that its brown as well [mod]Please do not create threads where suitable alternatives already exist[/mod]
  5. anyone else notice how much chlorine is in the water now, its like drinking from the swimming pool. on top of that our water is brown. anyone having the same problem
  6. why are they not jumping on front of german , dutch, and spanish trawlers then????
  7. lets see them stop gun crime, maybe they could jump in front of a loaded gun just as it fires
  8. as greenpeace are an environmental group, what fuel is pewering the ship in question??? and what fuels the helicopters they fly, bet there not soalr powered
  9. i have heard the same, from some3one in the museum, and someone else working in the library. why else are they tarting the area up, i dont know,pebbles on the beach at the new museum
  10. its about time shetland pagans put forward a candidate
  11. so one vote does not make a difference, well we all have one vote, and if we all thought that one vote makes no difference then nobody would vote, now that may make a difference
  12. what hacks me off most is all the bloody leaflets coming through the door, whats wrong with the candidates actualy getting off their backsides and knocking on a few doors, lets speak to them in person and hear their views on various issues. lets see the whites of their eyes see if they are lying or not
  13. snp. glad you can afford the extra £5000 a year in tax you will have to pay
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