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  1. Having passed through it several times per day since it opened I encountered my first problem today, while traveling south I met a large articulated truck, it was clear that the truck would have to cross into my lane to get around the north exit causing me to stop, no problem in that at all but maybe the north exit is a bit tight after all.
  2. Over the last 12 months I have had cause to contact our local police force in Shetland a few times in BUT the only contact seams to be about 300 miles away with no knowledge whatsoever of Shetland. I realise that due to cutbacks and the Scottish govt policy of centralisation there will be local "issues" but to have absolutely no method of contact is nothing short of DAMMED disgraceful . I would have placed this on the local police improvement thread but cant find it anymore ! Lets see if I get pulled over now !!
  3. Neil Manson at Lerwick Autobodies. If its only a chip most insurance companies will cover the cost if you catch it before it becomes a crack.
  4. The closure of public toilets is a dam disgrace not unlike the closure of the Clickimin campsite; it is another knife in the back for our tourist industry which has had money poured into it in the hope of development but now is being sabotaged via the back door. Why not install coin meters with a 10p charge to reduce costs rather than just say you need to be in Lerwick to P legally! On the subject of rubbish bags I would like to know the cost of administration should they be sold at a reduced price, I bet the cost will be much more than giving them away but it will look like another saving has been made. There is a clear need to reduce costs but someone needs to be have clear knowledge of what they are doing for the good of Shetland and that is clearly missing some targets. How does anyone think the bus station (great wall) can be painted or maintained now that it has been covered with sheltered "toilet" facilities and will the cost be less than operating a very useful service, again maybe the charge for a service should have been subject of public consultation? New school at Clickimin, what a great idea there will be no need to build a gymnasium as its already there ,again; the Shetland public will surely suffer but it’s ok as it will save money I only hope someone remembers that there is a landfill site with all sorts of toiletry waste right on the doorstep! Street lighting and a safe method for pedestrians to walk at night or simply cross the highway needs another rant. Rant over for tonight! night night.
  5. Scorrie, ich im joost no gyan tae takk de upp upo dy yitterin, I do however expect some hellery from all three posters on this forum The point I was trying to make is that Belicha beacons are simply not as safe as a normally recognised and safe methods of stopping traffic in a modern world with your clothes on !!!! Da coonsil "person" on this forum, who's purpose is clearly to split even a singular oppion might be the better of Foing Oway !! You have asked the a poster on a Public forum identify oneself. WHY
  6. What is the differance between Pelican crossings and manually operated traffic lights in terms of spare parts? If I remember correctly the report suggested going back to Belisha Becons, I very nearly hit a person on a Belisha Becon crossing because the amber light was hidden by other lighting while the road was in darkness, the person on the road could not be seen that that was in Aberdeenshire. I think that when the cost of a spare part is considered more importantant than a life serious questions NEED to be asked. Maybe this thread should be renamaed "Duty of care relating to street lighting"
  7. Ah, see how easy that was to explain your original post clearly to us poor local people who cannot have your worldly understanding. Glad to hear that the cable is being used as intended and working well, no doubt more will be using it soon.
  8. Maybe the white powder could be shared, that way we can all be so aware of the world around us !
  9. Fibre to London, would that perhaps have some element of wireless or has a cable been run to "Englandshire via ?? we are only an offshore platform after all so comunication should not be a problem "should it"
  10. Same in da toon, broadband is usless just now.
  11. See the all new Ferrari People carrier, http://www.wheels24.co.za/News/General_News/Eight-seat-Ferrari-goes-shopping-20111229
  12. Totally agree, but we shudna Ah tell him
  13. Outdoor market in Shetland ? One word should do. WEATHER
  14. WHO THE HELL IS RESPONSIBLE FOR FOR THIS. And yes I do realise that I am shouting as should every Islander.,
  15. We are being pushed back at least 30 years, how much can a small bus station really cost to operate given the financial input to create such a facility which is a point already flogged to death. If shetland cannot afford a simple bus station we are in trouble OR is this the prefered signal to the public !!! Yes the income from Sullom Voe has decreased but a new gas plant is being built which we were all assured would never happen as emissions could be harmfull Please tell SHETLAND that Shetland can expect some income from this new installation. Has sustainable Shetland focused on a very narrow polictically self promoting and anti windmill theam and completly missed the real danger.
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