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  1. Mods? Mods......? I'd quite like to know the answer to this one too.
  2. This. How sickening that whole sectors of the community, the poor, are vilified as fraudsters and scroungers. Those charges are more accurate if aimed at the bankers, the politicians and the City directors.
  3. Except nobody really knows for sure, do they? Bit like the immigration figures. What year were these figures for and are they for detected/proven fraud? What about the fraud that goes undetected? What's that percentage guesstimate? The percentages would remain the same of course. However, from the DWP website, figures for total benefit: Estimates of Fraud and Error by type of error in 2011/12 0.7%, or £1.2bn, of total benefit expenditure is overpaid due to fraud; 0.9%, or £1.4bn, of total benefit expenditure is overpaid due to claimant error; 0.5%, or £0.8bn, of total benefit expenditure is overpaid due to official error. 0.6%, or £0.9bn, of total benefit expenditure is underpaid due to claimant error; 0.3%, or £0.4bn, of total benefit expenditure is underpaid due to official error. Fraud exists, as do errors, but these cases are much less common than some sectors would like us to believe. This hate campaign against those who need to claim benefits is ghastly.
  4. Should folks with mental health issues not be taken seriously?! That's quite outrageous.
  5. Pardon?! I don't think many people work 7 days a week, and I don't think Mareel can put on the films on days and times to suit everyone living anywhere in the islands, or to suit all working arrangements and travel timetables. Often the schedule will depend on the distribution deal they can get for a particular film. The figures showing that attendance has been greater than expected so far, suggests to me that there are many in Shetland who are very glad of the cinema and are making good use of it. Do you know that classes have been cancelled, or are you jumping to conclusions here? I wouldn't expect the dance classes to be held at the same time as the gigs which need to use the backstage areas.
  6. Aye, there's plenty of films shown during the day for those who can't travel into Lerwick in the evenings.
  7. Oh, but it can..... Never heard of a compulsory purchase order? If your house is in a site "needed" for development, it can be taken from you, without your consent and with the market value paid to you. It is never a good outcome for the home owners. Believe me!
  8. This doesn't make sense to me. "the travelling for the visit"?
  9. Indeed. And this is the behaviour of an elected councillor? Surely in no way acceptable? But, hey, let's blame the "Sun" for their reporting.
  10. This is a bit odd JGHR - not many of us have chickens, sheep or an ox as pets!! And many, many people use public transport to take their cat, dog, guinea pig, hamster or budgie to the vet - in Edinburgh, that is - and it's not a problem for the driver or for other passengers. Why would it be such a problem in Shetland? Taking your pet to the vet IS properly providing for your pet, and having a car is not a prerequisite!
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