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  1. Just a quick word to let you know that we are actually in the process of developing the new Council website as per Comms Strategy Action Plan. Thanks for pointing out those glitches - we'll sort them out. kind regards Peter Peterson
  2. Hi all, Just to let you know that this forum will come to an end tomorrow. I think it's been a useful way of gathering thoughts and so would like to thank everyone for contributing. In analysing the comments just now, it's clear that the Council's website and Social media are the two areas we've had most feedback on. I have downloaded the comments and will take these into account as we go forward. Aiming to have the new Strategy at the Council in May. There were some posts on Complaints Handling and Consultation. Those are both separate strands of the Council's Improvement Plan, so I will make sure that the posts are passed on to the relevant people. thanks again Peter
  3. [No the topic says have your say , and I did. and its plain to see they dont communicate. Hi there. shetlandpeat is correct here, this forum is meant for generating disucssion about how the Council communicates. "Have your say" means have your say on how we communicate. It's not about decisions the Council has taken that people disagree with. We're working on a Communications Strategy at the moment and, through that piece of work, have a chance to do something to improve the way the Council communicates. thanks Peter
  4. Sorry about that shetlandpeat. that's a good suggestion. I had a look at crystal mark a few years ago and seemed to think that there were fees involved. However, had a check on their website and see that the fees for doing something like checking a website aren't that bad. It's definitely something we will look at. We ran some plain english training for managers and staff a few years ago. That was easily the most useful training I've been on. Will ask and see about running this again. thanks Peter
  5. thanks for that Shetlander. We have an ad running on SIBC at the moment. Will look at getting a bit more publicity with the Shetland Times. In terms of the forum, I'm happy to hear all comments - negative and positive. However, I'd like to keep the discussions on the topic if we can. Some good suggestions among the discussions so far. Here's another question for you to consider (this theme has been referred to earlier): Would you be interested in using social networking media such as Facebook / Twitter, to receive updates on the Council – for instance, Council decisions, weather-related disruption to services? Peter
  6. As mentioned at the outset, this is a genuine attempt to gather views on Council comms, as we prepare for a new Communications Strategy. Cllr Baisley actually said at yesterday's SIC meeting that she welcomed these efforts to engage with the public through Shetlink. So, getting back to the discussion, here's another question for you to consider: How effective do you feel the Council is at promoting itself through the media? Peter Peterson (working in my own time!)
  7. Here's a question from the Council staff/Member survey that we have running at the moment. I'll post new ones over the next few days and would be interested to hear your thoughts. 1. What values do you think are most important for the Council to promote as an organisation?
  8. We had a go at putting a weather disruption page onto the website. You can find that on the front page of the Council's website. http://www.shetland.gov.uk/adverseweather/ I agree with the comments made regarding the website, we definitely need to revamp this and it's something we have planned. Regular feature in the Shetland Times is a good idea, but as has been rightly pointed out, cost is a factor there.
  9. Thanks for all the comments so far. Just to clarify a couple of points, the reason we didn't put the staff survey out to everyone was that it asks a fair number of employee-specific questions. Things such as whether they feel supported when speaking to the media, whether they feel they are getting enough information from their manager etc. However, in order to get input from Shetlinkers on the non-employee specific questions, I was always going to post them on this forum. I thought it might help keep the discussions on-topic. In terms of consultations being box-ticking, I'd just like to reassure you that it's not the case here. We genuinely want to get input. Only once we've collated feedback will we put the new Communications strategy together. thanks
  10. I can only say that's not the case here. There have already been detailed points raised that will definitely be taken further. Noticeboards in libraries (and indeed other community buildings) is such a straightforward and simple 'technology' that it would be easy to forget it. The community councils issue is very interesting. And yes, we're looking at opening up parts of the council survey to Shetlink (some sections are, I think, irrelevant if you don't work for the council). More, too. In a week or two we will collate the issues raised here and hopefully give Shetlinkers a further chance to respond. Next week, ads will appear elsewhere inviting responses by phone, email and on paper. We're committed to a culture of openness and transparency at the SIC, and this process is an absolutely honest and straightforward attempt to express that.
  11. There are some specific, and very serious, issues raised here that require precise answers - especially those involving the council's complaints procedures - and we'll get on to that on Monday. But can I just say again that is a thread about the way the council communicates, and is part of a wider consultation on how we can improve that. There are points coming up that can be covered in other Shetlink threads, and in some cases, already are being discussed. Thanks again to everyone who's contributed so far.
  12. The SIC needs to communicate better, and we'd like to hear your ideas on the best ways to do that. It doesn't matter if you're concerned with a need for more openness, better use of the internet and social media, face to face public meetings or newsletters, or simply a clearer use of language...we will read and respond. We understand some people's need for anonymity, though from the council's end this thread will be handled by Communications Project Manager Peter Peterson and communications advisor Tom Morton. Those are our real names! We would ask you to avoid the criticism or abuse of individuals, and show the respect for each other that is, after all, a hallmark of the Shetland community.
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