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  1. That's interesting. I Thought she said "recently", meaning the last few months, but I'll ask again.
  2. A German friend has beed staying with us for a couple of weeks. When she got back home she went to give blood and was surprised to find that one of the questions on the form asked, "Have you visited the UK recently?". You might have expected them to ask if someone had visited West Africa or somewhere but not good old Blighty! Does anyone know why this might be?
  3. It seems that from the point of view of other EU members, a newly independent Scotland would have to apply for membership and would come behind Albania in the queue. What would we do for trading partners in the time it takes to get back in, presumably several years?
  4. I seem to remember that it was based on the design of an Indian plantation house, as the person who built it had spent time out there.
  5. In my experience, if you are going to puke it is better to do it over a stranger
  6. Does onybody ken if Scottish Water adds flouride to the public supply in Shetland?
  7. Is it just me or do you no tink it is easier to just remove a disposable bag and throw it in the bin instead of getting up to the oxters in stoor, cat litter and hair, trying to empty oot your dyson and then have to set-to washing dirty filters and daddin dem oot on the wifes bonny clean bathroom sink. You can buy an ordinary hoover wi a bag for a fraction of the price that sooks just as good and is far less budder! Maybe its just me....
  8. The units that L and S Hunter fit actually go inside the house, so there would be less worry of corrosion or weather damage than with an outside unit.
  9. Tried the "skin so soft spray" and found it made no difference to the number of bites. The only thing that I find effective is a midge hat with a wide brim to keep the net off your face.
  10. Say what you like about her, she had more balls than any of the current crop.
  11. Could be caused by the long light nights this time of year. Try getting a black blind on the window.
  12. I am thinking to vote for Tavish, but have just thought of a nice snappy election slogan for Mr Fox, "Billy Fox fills my Box". ..... no. no don't thank me ....
  13. Yes, I know someone who did this, replacing their oil boiler with an electric one, which is a tall narrow thing resembling a white fence post. It worked out very expensive to run. I know that oil is also very dear, but for a wet system, electric is not any cheaper.
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