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  1. Thanks to all that replied. I am surprised our experience was like a story from Rough Traders of Watchdog.
  2. Can anyone tell me if Islesat is still trading?
  3. And what upload speed would you expect?
  4. I find it hard to believe that Tavish is wanting to give our money to Faroe. Basically because Talk Talk are such a tight company that they did not want to pay for a back up service like the other users of the cable. Because Faroe Telecom just threw the cable out the back of a ship,in a busy shipping/fishing area,with the hope that nothing would damage it. Faroe the the same island group that screw us at every turn,do we still have our hard earned money invested in the Smyril Line? I would like to see him justify it to the hard working fishermen.
  5. Just me get your provider to get openreach to check all your home wiring and line they will sort it out for you
  6. http://www.scotclans.com/whats_my_clan/
  7. Councillor Alan Wishart assured us that by removing the skips that fly dumping would not happen! May be if the crap was dumped on him he might think differently.
  8. yes I heard this story some months ago.And knowing our council it is more than likley
  9. What has ADSL2 have to do with Shetland Telecom?Do you not think Dick from BT threw a scrap their way just to save face for Marv!
  10. SIBC,I suspect,like many others just make it up as they go along!
  11. sounds like our telcom "expert" just makes it up as he goes along.
  12. Scottish fuels in past the Malakoff,comes in 20l drums.Phone them for a price depending on what you are wanting.
  13. Another working week away and still no Glimmer of light at Bolts,Freefield or the Bus Station.Please cross with care,our Council is looking after you!
  14. Do you think there is any chance the SIC could fix the Pedestrian crossing light in Lerwick? There has been three sets not working since the middle of December.That is now over two months. Will it need for someone to get run over trying to cross before they are fixed? Council trying to run a Fibre Network but cannot fix a light bulb!
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