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  1. I have been getting little or no signal with vodafone from June 2013. I have called 'customer services' numerous times. They have blamed my phone (a nokia lumia 800) gave me a new sim card etc etc, all of their suggestions have not worked. The customer service has been dreadful and pretty rude at times. The technical dept has also been involved. They have blamed the weather, my signal's been hidden by trees! Etc etc! To blame trees here was the last straw. A few of my friends and colleagues have been bothered with the same problem. Not all stay in Lerwick, or use lumias. The very last straw wa
  2. CIAO SUPER SIC. R.I.P big guy.
  3. valhalla


    The puffins on web cam http://visit.shetland.org/puffincam-1 are now sitting on an egg!
  4. WOO HOO! Managed to get wis tickets enoo! Canna wait! I think Bill Bailey is brilliant!
  5. Just checked Tesco's Easter opening hours. Its open 8am till 10pm today.
  6. Marvin if my old grey matter serves me corectly Sister Bliss first came up to Shetland to play in the North Star March 11 and 12th 1994. When the LK Sound factory opened she came up to play on one of the first nights there. Oakenfold came up the last few months the LK soundfactory was open
  7. I was lucky enough to get Magnie Shearers book Cats,Clouds and Flatpacks! in me sock! Finished it yesterday,an I gaffed me wye through it! Brilliant pick me up book! Hoop dir is mair tae come!!
  8. Found this on teletext news......... http://www.teletext.co.uk/regionalnews/northern-scotland/f5f1dab3a2e827aef31819fc36a928fa/Health+board+rebuke+over+care.aspx Shocking.
  9. Vexed to report dat it didna work! Maybe I didna do it right! (or maybe it just wusna meant to be) Not to worry though, I'm going to try again!! Dis time its no fur me! I'll try dat approach an tell you how I get on dis time!! Fingers crossed an a dat!!
  10. I've been meaning to post this for ages..... We were stumped for a Christmas pressie for relatives who stay in London. I stumbled across http://www.designedinshetland.co.uk/epages/es106918.sf As usual we had left our present buying for the last minute! I contacted the owner of the site and asked if I could pick it up in Lerwick somewhere and pay for it on delivery. Nothing was to much trouble. 2 days later I was the proud owner of a fantastic wall hanging. It had been made to order. I even got to choose different colours. Da peerie sheep on it is da happiest sheep I'm ever seen! Fant
  11. What a stupid comment Styles! I know quite a few diabetics and have not yet come across "an untidy sausage" yet. From the first diagnosis they are ALL taught how to dispose of their life saving needles responsibily. Do your homework styles. You have ruffled my feathers a bit there.
  12. Found this story. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-476137/Man-blew-van-trying-kill-police.html I'm kinda shuddering at the fact he was in Shetland just before this.
  13. Thanks for your replies. Can you lay an aamos on anybody? e.g. do I hae to ken dem? What is the "something" that I do or give them? Am I right in mindin that you NEVER tell the person that you've laid an aamos on dem? If you lay an aamos are you meant to keep it a secret? Is it a good or bad thing to do? As your probably already guessed there is something that I wid really lik to get and want/need to ken dat I'm doing it right! Cheers!
  14. Can onbody refresh my memory how to go aboot layin an aamos on somebody please. I can mind peerie bits dat me Granny telt me but no enough! Cheers!
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