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  1. It used to be a busy place full of laughter and banter, where you could get a bargin and could drop the odd item off. Never ever told,"to take it to Rova Head as they did not want it". (a printer in good working order with nearly new ink cartridge!) The atmosphere in there now is acid I have stopped going and to be quite frank with you,"I widna even pit a dug in there tae sh*te"!
  2. Yes indeed if a couple of officers or even a traffic warden were to spend a bit of time once in a while dealing with pedal cyclists riding recklessly down the pedestrian parts of the street (sometimes going the wrong way) and on pavements generally when they should be on the road then it would be a fine thing. Of course I mean adult cyclists........young kiddies are probably safer on the pavements. You're right the roads are for cars, bikes & trucks, etc. The pavement is for pedestrians. I wasn't aware that this was an issue - are you able to provide any particular areas / times when this happens and we'll have a look. Thanks Thankyou for replying, I usually have my walk morning and afternoon along Commercial Road / North Road / Lochside, or I do all the Streets. I have stopped walking around the Clickamin because of dogs not on their leads. I seem to meet bikes when ever I am out, some are even wearing helmets.
  3. There is two things I would like to see dealt with. Now I am retired I like to go for a wander about the town, however I fear I am going to meet my maker under the wheels of a push bike. Great grown men and women yelling at me to move out of their way I got a badly bruised hand from walloping it against the handlebars as one went sailing past,I am elderly and have gone a bit deaf I should be able to walk safely on the pavement. I am also at my wits ends with these powerfull dogs and irresponsible owners.
  4. ^^ Well I look on all great muckle dog's as dangerous,I think anyone taking them out ,should be drug tested, and breathalysed, same as you would if driving a car. And if they are found over the limit they should be fined, ect.... I know of one or two characters that have muckle dogs that are alcholics.One in particular would have trouble holding back a chihuahua let alone two muckle dogs. Lords blissins.
  5. Why do people want to bring dangerous dogs to Shetland? Is it because they feel inadequate or are they simply Neds??? Lords blissins to you Aa.
  6. Man, whit ony Shetland person needs is a pair o wirsit drawers and a sarcastic expression.
  7. Hee Hee....hits been a lang time coming
  8. Well, that just about says it all - if something cant take criticism or close inspection - then its just a lot of hot air.
  9. A parsnip is only good after it has been nippet by a frost.
  10. Whit dis needs is an auld wife makin a sock, wi a kishie o peats on her back - niver leet 'half dressed' wimmen! - Its da auld wifes o shetland that ruled the roost for many a year that needs to come to the fore now.
  11. ^^^ I'm no quite sure whit do is thanking me for.
  12. Well, its a good job you dont extend that to people!! I gather you are a non native species yourself.
  13. Well Folks, I can hardly believe it. I have been on a break here in France for 2 weeks and was planning to get back home for a month but this terrible thing going on in India means that I'll be heading back this coming week. What a terrible world we are living in. Lets hope it all ends soon with no more loss of life.
  14. I am now back in Mumbia, I have enjoyed my 11 month vacation back in Shetland. I shall not be back for another 10 years and I expect there will be a great many changes by then. Last time I was home the Internet was unheard of (by me anyhow). I shall not be posting after this as I shall be working in the countryside and be lucky to find electricity let alone a laptop. I dare say some of you will be glad to see the back of me. (Trout wrote) Note Babsy that you come across as a very bitter individual with that post. Who are you to pass judgement on a Shetlink community member in such a manner, pray tell? A missionary, Trout, who sees people with real need die needlessly. Open your eyes it’s a big world out there and babies are born by the roadside every day, unfortunatley for them their parents can’t write letters to housing associations. Gods Blissins tae you aa. Babsy.
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