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  1. Below the fort In lerwick around 4.15pm this afternoon were several cars of snp supporters. Looked about nearly 20 of them. Didn’t recognise most of them. Pushing hard.
  2. Ask your supplier to have a look and check it out.
  3. Probably the same as what will happen to the 5 lochs leading into the lunklet burn and waterfall in the hills in middle of shetland when they build the Viking windfarm. The digging up of the peat and the laying of masses of concrete will seep into the water system killing all wild life, but that seems to be all right as long as the business men get their big profits. You are not supposed to look and see and remark on those things.
  4. I would hope that our mp and msp would be fighting really hard to keep our fishing grounds around our shores to ourselves and not have all these French, Spanish etc., fishing practically up to our shores. Fishing is very important to the shetland, Scottish and British economy and should be looked after, not thrown away or bargained way. Fisherman, you will have to ensure that your representatives in council, MPs msps and fishing reps fight hard for your rights and not sell you out.
  5. I know the footballers get coaches up from South now and then. I wonder if the same happens for the hockey? Maybe a bit of funding for that would be helpful. I think that Orkney has a lot of practice going down south, but it is easier for them because they are nearer to mainland, so they don't have the cost we have. I know the coaches here are very dedicated and do a good job, but it is difficult to get enough of harder competition to bring players on here.
  6. I was thinking about this last night after I went to bed, and I was wondering if hockey is still played at school the same as it used to be. I know they don't all have the proper surface, but they could still play it on grass at school and then those who get interested would move on to the artificial surface if they really enjoyed it. That maybe happens , I don't know what happens at school with it now. That is how the girls in our day started.
  7. I don't think that having the pitch in brae is a problem. It is only half an hour run from Lerwick to brae. The netball won and all netball is played in Lerwick, and all the country girls run into Lerwick, which takes them half hour or more. Why do Lerwick people think it is ok for country people to travel to them, but they can't make the effort the other way round. Maybe it's the parents effort that's missing. Effort is the biggest thing in sport. I'm not criticising your effort, because you obviously have run your child, but the people whom you say would come if it was in Lerwick. If they are not keen to drive for half an hour to fulfill their ambitions, then would they be any good?
  8. I ordered our kitchen from ikea in Edinburgh. Shetland transport picks up items from there every second Thursday I thin it is. Worked it out ordered and was delivered with ever screw intact, and good quality, for £2,500, cheapest in shetland was about £6,000. Installer that we got said it was better quality than most of the other kichens he had installed for much dearer. That was 5 year ago, and it is still the same as when it arrived. Nothing broken or damaged.
  9. Well they have full Stanley hill to build on and could make nice planned areas with wide streets and parking areas, then build just a little bit at a time as afforded, but the point is they can plan for it having bought so much land at one time, instead of wee bits here and there as if dropped from the sky with no room for parking or anything.
  10. I was very interested in wir shetland as I did not want to either vote snp or tavish. I hoped that wir shetland would stand a candidate, but was very disappointed when they backed tavish. Tavish and Carmichael are just career politicians, and tavish knows his best chance of keeping his nice little earner is to agree with wir Shetland and get a few votes that way, which is definitely working. After he's won the vote again by mis truth, lies or whatever gets him there he will just be the usual tavish doing exactly what he wants. He is not there for any of our good, he is just there for himself. Where are our politicians with a grain of common sense and integrity and concern for the shetland public and not their own interests.
  11. Carmichael has just voted for the Tories again. Been promised a nice little earner In the lords I would think, in case he loses his court case and his nice little earner as mp for shetland. What a disgrace.
  12. I remember someone wanting planning permission for a dance hall down at docks in Lerwick, but it was refused because they said it was to near the water and people who had drink might fall in. I heard no word of that when they put mareel down there. No objections then.
  13. I agree with fionajohn. I would have to drive half the distance to brae as I would to Lerwick. Maybe brae could get some shops then it might take over from Lerwick.
  14. Spoke at meeting they held in bixter for common grazings shareholders about landslide situation. How steep it was, depth of moor and the problems they would encounter. They hadn't a clue what they were talking about. I don't think any of the men there had ever been up there. It was really laughable what they told us. I can't believe that is the people in charge of fulfilling this project. You might have more trust in them if they could discuss the problems they might encounter, and have at least some solutions which sounded believable, but all the peat was stable and there would be no problems etc etc. we came away from the meeting even more apprehensive then when we went in. They were so ignorant of the area and depth of moor or problems that could happen working with it. Amazing isn't it that the landslide has never been on any news bulletin today, when every other landslide was reported in great detail.. Wonder why?
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