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  1. Sherri


    Should have seen Vampire Weekend last night but they cancelled their gig. Bought tickets for their performance in May though. Todays top tune has to be 'Black kids'. Fandabbydosy [sEEQPOD]http://www.seeqpod.com/music/?plid=86f4ff17fa[/sEEQPOD]
  2. I also enjoy 'The Street', written by Jimmy McGovern, Thursdays 2100 BBC 1
  3. If you can get ITV 3, its on Tuesday nights at around 2300
  4. Circumstances taken a turn for the better Twerto? Looks lovely, where is it?
  5. You could maybe try some cous cous. Whilst working two jobs and not getting a chance to go home and get some decent grub in between, i quickly got fed up with sandwiches from the corner shop for my dinner. Take some dried cous cous, finely chopped veg and frozen peas, and some seasoning according to personal preference in a tupperware tub or such like. I know down here Tesco stock a few varieties of cous cous seasoning ie. tomato and basil / lemon and black pepper but im sure if you just added your own mix of herb / spices / stock cubes it would work just as well. Then providing you have access to hot water, just add, wait three mins and hey presto. Way tastier than a pot noodle.
  6. Hi all Wondering if anyone could recommend any nice restaurants in Aberdeen? Meeting up with Family in a couple of weeks and trying to think of somewhere nice for a meal. Don’t want to go for specifically Chinese or Indian but somewhere that does a little bit of everything i.e. fish, steak etc Any suggestions? cheers
  7. 8O Eww yuk! What possessed you? Everytime i see a clip of this film i feel nausious. Went to see Hot Fuzz at weekend, just what you would expect really. Not a patch on Shaun of the Dead IMO but worth a watch. Good few laughs but probably could have cut the running time by about half an hour or so.
  8. Sherri

    Jamie T

    I like him. Bought his album last week and its really growing on me. Fav tunes of the moment are: - Alicia Quays Ike & Tina Dry off your cheeks So lonely was the ballad could go on actually, the whole album is worth a listen.
  9. Sherri


    I really liked Magik and golden skans, so i bought the album last week, and was pretty disappointed. I have two tickets to see them as part of the NME New Indie Rave tour in Glasgow Barrowlands tomorrow night. Not particuarly fussed about going anymore. Saw Cold War Kids and Decemberists at the weekend so had my fix of live music for a week or two. If anyone in Glasgow would like two tickets for face value, get in touch.
  10. You shouldnt need the mods help wheesht. Go to post new topic, scroll down the screen a little and you should see options to post a poll.
  11. Sherri


    like what im hearing so far...
  12. Merrry Christmas to all and best wishes for the New Year.....
  13. Your kiddin me on surely? Did they really?
  14. Sherri

    Christmas songs

    That song is something special.......gets my vote. Special? yea i agree. I was chatting to a pal on Saturday after a few bottles o wine and they said they were kina sick o it. I have to listen to radio1 all day at work but i have to say i fookin love that tune, never got sick of it get yet. There is loads o xmas crappy / cheesy tunes but when i go home and spend it in shetland the cd that is played in our house is Phil Spectro's Christmas Album That sound track and the five o us trying to play Trival Purist, is xmas to me. Not about pressies or anything. just family and good tunes and the smell o the real tree! Canna wait.. dinner time flight on Wednesay
  15. Come on Ally man, be brave, just try it I dont get the chance to cook much at all and to be honest i have never made reestit mutton soup , but soup is one o the things you can rarely get wrong. Most o the big supermarkets sell what i think they call 'stew mix' which usually consists of a neep, two carrot and an onion or something along that lines. I would buy about five tatties as well as that, i would maybe put in four then see how it looks. Chuck that into the stock, put lid on and leave till veg is cooked, (half an hour to and hour) i kinda like it better the next day), mash it up a little if thats what you like, or dont, depends what you like. Check on it every now and again, you will be able to tell by the look of it if it needs more o the tatties or water. I am half expecting a reply to this post saying how wrong this is but the reason you dont find many recipies on the net is cause i think there isn't one. Try it once then you will be more confident to make the changes accordling you to your own peronal taste. Thats what its all about..... yum. I dont get the chance to cook much but i have to say i do enjoy it. I love just picking a randon recipe from Nigella or Jamie's book and giving it a go. Glass o wine in the hand, like trout said before is essential. If you do try it, let us know how it goes. I hope you enjoy........... S,,,,,,,
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