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  1. Hi Marvin Just tested it and got 0.4 mbps through the router and 1.25 mbps when plugged straight in. That's obviously better, but still much slower than we were getting two weeks ago. Is it possible there's some problem between the 'receiver' thing outside and the router? Still no iPlayer either. Cheers Malachy
  2. Yes, I'm in Vidlin. And since the problem that occurred in Vidlin school the weekend before last, our speeds have been, as I said, 80% slower than previously. Ian also said he wasn't aware of the issue, but BT have been known to say the very same thing, and it doesn't necessarily mean there isn't one. We also have the problem with iplayer, which we're hoping will be resolved soon (?) and an apparently similar issue with our Vodafone SureSignal, which stopped working the same evening. Vodafone are (slowly) looking into that one.
  3. So is it the puffins that are responsible for reducing the speed of Shetland Broadband by 80% or so these past ten days, Marvin?
  4. Bryan, this is completely and utterly wrong, and you ought to be ashamed of yourself! It should be 'far fewer audience members', not 'far less'.
  5. Hi there I'm looking for someone to put a new profile sheeting roof on my garage. Does anyone have a suggestion of who'd be do a good job? I called someone advertising in the paper a while back and they never even showed up. Cheers Malachy
  6. It's Davy Inkster at Da Smiggins, East Burra. Should be in the book. I did one of his courses last year and really enjoyed it.
  7. Ah, another classic Shetlink thread. Unintentional hilarity all round. And is it just me, or is this one of the strangest and most outlandish claims on here in quite a while? A 'large percentage [of?] humans' do all that? Really? What are we talking here: 50, 60, 70 per cent of 'humans' actually try to browbeat the owners of rundown-looking properties into selling their houses? Is this just in Shetland, or is it a worldwide fact? I suspect the OP might have got a more polite and useful answer to their question had they posted it on the Bernard Cribbens fanclub forum (if such a thing
  8. Well an editorial is, almost by definition, written by the editor. So even if the name is not directly on the column (such as in the 'Auld Rock' section in the ST), it would be hard to call it anonymous. As for commentary columns, I think that, yes, unless there's a good reason for anonymity (and there are some good reasons), they should have a name on it. I suppose it would be possible to argue that articles published anonymously can serve to provoke a serious discussion, but I think that an anonymous debate, ultimately, is not a serious debate.
  9. Is there not a slight contradiction between your fondness (understandable, in my opinion) for all things Norwegian / Scandinavian, and what you say here? Surely if Shetland were to become more Scandinavian in its outlook (or return to Norway, even) we'd be cementing exactly those things you claim not to like. Scandinavian society and politics is essentially social-democratic (ie left wing), with high taxation. It's state dominated and, to at least the same extent as Scotland, services-led. It sometimes seems that your love of Norway is not a love of the Norway that actually exists today - whic
  10. Remember the Althing debate tonight: "Shetland's future lies in an independent Scotland". Jean Urquhart MSP and Danus Skene supporting; Alistair Carmichael MP and Ben Raikes opposing. In Tingwall School at 7.30. Be there or be . . . somewhere else.
  11. ^^ No point spoiling a good conspiracy Johan! Just to clarify something here. Four people have now suggested that my original post was made because I don't like people disagreeing with me. Nothing could be further from the truth. I enjoy debating, and if everyone thought and felt the same about everything then there would be nothing to discuss at all. My argument is that, for the most part, making a point on Shetlink is about as likely to result in sensible debate as going into a school, grabbing hold of a 15 year old boy and saying "Your Mum's a slag!" I don't think I'm being overly nos
  12. Bryan, I have some questions about Mareel, and if you don't answer within 20 minutes I'm going to put in an official complain and ask for you to be sacked. 1. I've heard that the roof of the building is made of tin foil. Is this true? And if not, what is it made of, exactly how big is it, where did you source the materials and, to the nearest penny, how much did they cost? 2. Does the building have enough doors? I've looked at photos of it, and it seems to me that there is inadequate doorage space, especially if a lot of very large people want to enter it all at exactly the same moment. Di
  13. I must say, this poll is remarkably close given that it's essentially asking Shetlink users whether Shetlink is worth using. I should add that I fully agree on the issue of names. I think if there were a forum (or part of this forum) where real names had to be used then the quality of the debate would undoubtedly be higher. Employing a pseudonym allows users to write absolute nonsense without any fear of comeback. In fact, another side of the names issue was brought home to me quite some time ago when a post appeared that was vaguely threatening towards me. What was said was not a direc
  14. I would like to propose a motion for debate, partly though not entirely tongue-in-cheek. Namely, that Shetlink has outstayed its welcome; that it no longer serves its purpose as a forum for intelligent debate about local and current affairs; that it now appears to be little more than a haven for trolls, extremists, those with too much time on their hands and the intellectually and grammatically challenged; that it has a great classifieds section but not much else worth looking at. The case for the prosecution rests, for now. Thank you very much.
  15. Good to see the quality of debate on Shetlink remaining consistently high.
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