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  1. Do you mean people younger than 19 specifically, or are these the only two decent young people in Shetland, or is your point just not really valid?
  2. Yeh, get rid of some of these wishy washy types and we could be more like Romania, if we're lucky.
  3. Waxwings. There's loads about at the moment.
  4. I think there's a pretty large difference between helping your family out on the croft and having to work on an industrial farm from the age of nine. Other news reports on the story explain that they were being forced to work from 7.30am until dusk, without food or water, and since this was on a Wednesday, they were obviously not being allowed to go to school. That kind of thing was made illegal a long time ago, and some of the papers understandably describe it as 'slavery'. Unless you're suggesting that Romanian children don't need the same kind of protection. In which case you might need to justify your argument a bit better.
  5. I see Fair Isle's at 63.16% already. They must be in with a good chance of hitting 75% first.
  6. Well yes and no. In fact there's very few. KTL stepped in some time ago with some very sensible points and was attacked for it, so disappeared almost immediately, and I don't blame him. This will also be my last post on this thread as it seems rather fruitless to try and debate with some of the closed-minded views that are being expressed (and also because I feel rather exposed, since I choose not to post anonymously). Sadly (for you) the moderators have a responsibility to make sure that things don't get too extreme, regardless of whether anyone else is willing to stand up and disagree.
  7. I agree with Jonathan's initial point on this one. This subject has brought out the absolute worst side of Shetlink. Some of the views expressed in this thread have been seriously venomous. I can't really see how suggesting that individuals should be murdered for their actions (whether in jest or not) has any place in these forums - if those comments were made against Shetlanders they'd presumably be removed. I would expect a better level of debate in a group of 15 year olds. Edit: the following added: The T&Cs state: Presumably these don't cover environmentalists though.
  8. I think you're slightly misunderstanding me. What I'm saying is that the master of the SC presumably doesn't think his ship is at risk otherwise he would put in a request for them to be removed. Contributers to Shetlink are disagreeing with him, not with me.
  9. Eh? I think not. Have to agree with EM - engineers are usually classed as skilled labour as far as I know. Yes, okay, you're right, though it's not like there's a table you can consult telling you what job belongs in what class. What I'm saying is that these days class and income are not necessarily clearly correlated. It's much hazier than that.
  10. I wouldn't care less if they wanted to chain themselves to the gates of the terminal or stand at the market cross with megaphones chanting about whatever they want. What I take issue with is the method of this particular protest. I'd like to see the RNLI or the Coastguard put out a statement that they will not be risking their own lives to collect these idiots when they eventually end up in the drink. But I know fine well that they won't issue such as statement because they are good folks, who'd take the moral high ground, show real courage, go out in any weather and do whatever is neccessary to try to save a life. I know a lot has been said about dymanic postioning and redunancy but if the Stena Carron truely doesn't need anchors, why were they part of the design and why were they fitted? Protest all you want, but don't endanger others in the process. I agree, the coastguard and RNLI won't do that and nor should they. Everyone gets treated the same, just as if some drunk guy heads out in his boat and needs rescuing - circumstances are irrelevant. I'm not a supporter of Greenpeace, and some of their campaigns have certainly been completely misguided, but there's been some serious exaggerating on this thread. If they were causing a real, demonstrable risk to the ship and crew's safety, they would be quickly removed, no question about it. The risks that people have outlined here are wild, speculative notions - you might as well say that they could get hit my ball lightning, explode and cause damage that way. They are causing a serious nuisance to the oil company, yes, and that's what they intended. But they've come prepared - that pod is not just something they've made out of sticky back plastic. Every time you go out in a boat you take risks, and sometimes people get in trouble and need help. But you prepare yourself and I suspect they are pretty well prepared - they have the time and money to be so anyway. I would be very surprised if they need rescued at any point - and I'll eat my words if they do.
  11. Yes, absolutely. In fact, perhaps we should remove the right to protest from anyone who doesn't agree with us. That would sort out a few of these 'wishy-wash liberals' and their wishy-washy direct action. Send them home! They should voice their opinions anonymously on an internet forum like a normal person. Then we'd live in a better country. i think you will find the legislation on protests ,strikes n the likes is very tight, even a misplaced idle threat can land folk in the shtie, no harm to protesting but this is sheer waste of time n rescue services valuable funds Yes, sorry. I was being a little bit sarcastic. By the way, how much time and money do you think this protest is costing the rescue services, considering they haven't actually had to do anything except answer questions from journalists, so far as I'm aware.
  12. There's no way you can divide salaries into classes. For instance, builders and plumbers and engineers are traditionally working class jobs, but they may well earn more than nurses or office workers, which are traditionally more middle class. Someone on minimum wage (£5.93/h) working full time (35 hours a week) will only earn about £10,000 a year, so you're not really accurate there Lexander. The average UK household earns just over £30,000 a year I think, so there will be many, many people earning less.
  13. Yes, absolutely. In fact, perhaps we should remove the right to protest from anyone who doesn't agree with us. That would sort out a few of these 'wishy-wash liberals' and their wishy-washy direct action. Send them home! They should voice their opinions anonymously on an internet forum like a normal person. Then we'd live in a better country.
  14. As far as I'm aware, the Chinese restaurants etc are open every day, including Christmas day in some cases, and if you're self-catering, the supermarkets will also be open. I can't imagine the hotels shut over that period either, so I think faraway's post is a bit of an exaggeration. Some of the shops on the Street, and probably the cafes too, will close for a week I'd imagine. But that's the same with small businesses everywhere. It's not going to be limitless choice, but if you wanted that you wouldn't be thinking of Shetland in the first place I guess.
  15. Can you expand on this? What is it that they are doing that so many loathe?
  16. There seems to be a bit of confusion here about how events like Screenplay are funded. I'm not an employee or involved in Shetland Arts in any way, so I don't have the details, but I imagine most (or at least a good chunk) of the money is external funding, from the likes of Creative Scotland, and from sponsors, like BP. The core funding for Shetland Arts comes from the charitable trust rather than the council, so although community money is used, it's not coming from your council tax or anything, so it's stretching the truth a bit to say that 'we're the ones paying for it'.
  17. Also, Shetland Arts didn't get £12M from local funding. Half of it came from outside Shetland, so that's £6M (I can't remember the exact figures) being invested in Shetland from outside. How is that negative?
  18. Where did that 8% figure come from? The CT would need to divulge their secrets if they were getting that. Their investments have made some big losses in recent years, though I seem to recall them stabilising last year. They are at the mercy of the stock market, which always makes them vulnerable. Whereas investing in local infrastructure, as well as culture, is investing in Shetland's future. It is a real shame that Shetland Arts pushed this (or were forced to push this) as a project that must break even. If the arts can't be subsidised then we surely face a culturally impoverished future. Why must the arts always be seen as a business here? Perhaps it says a lot about Shetland that we happily subsidise the Clickimin Centre, but are not happy to subside an 'arty-farty' centre.
  19. It's difficult to forget that Stuart is involved since he is and has been the most prominent individual involved. He is also prepared to use his own name, whereas we have two people apparently representing Sovereign Shetland on this thread who are using Shetlink aliases, so we have no way of knowing who they are or whether the information they are giving is genuine. That seems a rather odd way to try and foment revolution.
  20. That's one mighty assumption! Alex Salmond was once quoted as saying we could have our independance but we wouldn't get the oil. I don't see the British Government handing it over too readily either. The sums don't add up with or without the oil. Stuart claims that Shetland pays out £200 million in taxes and only gets £100 million back. That's just pure nonsense. If he gets simple facts like that so far wrong, then how on earth can he expect any credibility for anything he says? Oh, I'm not saying his assumption is correct, just that paulb was asking a question that Stuart had already given an answer for.
  21. Paulb, Stuart is assuming that Shetland would gain control of income from the oil industry. Without that money the sums won't add up. There's plenty to argue about here, but it makes it more interesting if folk pay attention to each other.
  22. In theory, to fish pretty much any loch in Shetland you should be a member of the Shetland Anglers Association as they have the necessary agreements with landowners, including paying rent on many lochs. The association also has a restocking programme in some lochs, paid for by memberships. It's possibly the best value fishing licence in Britain considering the amount of choice. You can buy a membership online here: http://www.shetlandtrout.co.uk/
  23. I thought the graduate scheme was intended for graduates from Shetland, returning home. Have I entirely misunderstood?
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