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  1. Thanks for that SP! Much appreciated
  2. Can't believe it! He was the best. The 'Highway star' solo is a belter!
  3. Thats the next one! Needs to be re-mixed though! There will hopefully be a live thing coming soon but at the minute it's me doing everything. I think it'll sound better with a group playing it!
  4. Oh christ, could you please take that song/vid down?! Please! It wis when we were very pissed and didn't have much recording/production ability. There is a new version of da son on www.soundcloud.com/ewan-nowak
  5. Haha, thanks pal. I think I'm over-excited! Did you buy it? only kidding
  6. Sorry, that last post may have come across a little agressive and desperate (as my girlfriend just pointed out to me). It was meant to be fun; a little bit 'tongue-in-cheek', a bit like my music I suppose. ps. buy the single
  7. C'mon people! No support for a local band doing something other than traditional music? Originality is obviously not what shetlander's are looking for. Maybe I should release The Masons Apron or some other ridiculously well-known track next time. Disappointed but still fighting
  8. Also, the song is being played 3-4 times per day on SIBC
  9. The (soon to be playing live) Shetland rock band SpootHawk have released their first single 'It's Getting Hot' which is available to buy on iTunes!! Please show some support to a local band, which could take the rock world by storm, by purchasing the single from iTunes!! Its only 79p!! Go to iTunes, type Spoothawk in the search bar, purchase, and you'll be in rock heaven!! Also available from https://www.cdbaby.com/cd/spoothawk Thanks!
  10. SpootHawk's radio debut last saturday.
  11. fordcapri, pretty much everything you've written in this thread is utter nonsense. If you have nothing interesting or sensible to say then I suggest you go and find a forum elsewhere that's geared up for morons like yourself. Mareel is here and it's not going anywhere. Lets consider ourselves lucky and enjoy it. Can't bleedin wait!
  12. Looks like shetland peat has gone quiet. Thank f**k for that
  13. New rock band from Shetland: SpootHawk www.myspace.com/spoothawk
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