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  1. Easy advice mate... DONT! lol
  2. Dont get all in awe of the Shetland Islands brochures... trust me when you are out in the pissin rain and hurricanes.. you will wish that you had thrown the brochures in the bin and decided not to bother moving at all... Dont expect trees.. there are very few... seemingly the sheep eat them... thats probably because in the winter the parks are that weet that they reach for something dry.... If you like driving... great.. but alas the price of fuel up here... £1.21p a litre for diesel.. well.. you wont be driving a lot! Always take a change of clothes with you when you go out.. because
  3. yeah there are sportsbikes around.. I have seen quite a few.. its just getting to the weather where all bikes are put to bed till next season...
  4. I must say I am extremely pissed off as I was coming up the north road today and the police overtook me and went into the other lane and sprayed me with stone chips and chipped my bloody vehicle. OUT OF ORDER! They didnt have their blue lights on either...
  5. Dont know .. but poopin in it might!
  6. I had someone at the door that wanted to sell me jet wash things .. he had a silver van... and an irish accent...
  7. Whether it goes to a custodial sentence or not, they should never be allowed near animals ever... there is no excuse for what they did...
  8. Gracie has gone back to Orkney vets bill was astromomical and there was nothing they could do with her here..as not got proper facilities to operate. I will miss her.... Got new horse!
  9. I get the horse and hound every thursday and read that article... its crap how things can turn out.. something that can seem quite friendly like letting someone have a peerie ride on your horse can have catastrophic consequences. I have a new horse now and with him being 17.1hh not many folk could get on him anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. @Frances144: You are probably right hun, shame but you are probably right!... just about says it all doesnt it! (*** mod edit - excess quoting removed ***)
  11. Probably best to put the sheep there, since they arent being groomed, ridden, patted, made a fuss off, etc...
  12. Whit sharn.. its a sport here like any other... I dont think reestit horse would go down too well.. and I am quite sure that somerfield could come up with the goodies when it comes to a bit of lamb!
  13. Nah I think that he is stuck at the under the goolies lift! And then he might get stuck at the belly lift!
  14. I think that it is about time equestrianism is taken seriously in shetland.. and I dont mean a wee patch of grass next to the clickimin.. at the end of the day, there are more and more horses coming here and it is getting as important as football, hockey, netball and all the other sports that are played here... it should be recognised as a sport and more provisions for grazing should be met... I have never seen a place so anal when it comes to allowing horses on land.. I would have had a nice house down culswick with nice stables and my life would have been peachy but could I get grazing...
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