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  1. I would imagine that's because of the Gov. Recovery strategy ( which includes alcohol mis-use ). Since privately run "charitable " organisations have been introduced rather than just seeing your GP. Dependants are reffered to these organisations who now get their " payments by result ". It's been coming to a head down in England recentley. There is a Gov. strategy available on the net if anybody cares to look for themselves. As usual the bottom line is the DSPs employees wages & the highest payout to the DSP is if the person who enters the service , leaves it substance free as soon as poss
  2. A lot of the answers are already out there. Countries like Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands all prescribe substitute medication for those that need it. There is loads of evidence based material available over the net which shows as our treatment system is failing theirs' is having far better results. With less intake & more people leaving the system. There's a lot of differences between drug treatment in these countries, we're so obviously getting it wrong in the UK. Prohabition just causes an unstable market controlled by criminals. Regulation & distribution by medically traine
  3. Sorry if you read the post you'll see that I don't recieve my medication from the NHS. I attend a private clinic, I thought I'd made that clear. Obviously my " drug-addled " brain got that wrong. I don't drink so the fee's I might pay amount to no more than somebody who has a couple of pints after work, or smoke 20 ciggies a day. I work full time in a good job, pay my taxes like a good boy, the kids do without nothing that kids should have. I'm the first one to admit there are hundreds of thousands of problematic drug users out there, all I'm saying is that treatment is what they need & i
  4. Terribly sorry if I've killed what should be a very important thread by not being the stereo-type drug user. There are thousands of people , possibly working alongside you who may be taking opiates legal, or illicit. We only hear the negative stories though, because of the stigma attached. I'm the first to critisize anybody who finances their habits using illeagal methods, but then they wouldn't have to if their substance of choice was legally available to them. With strict regulation & distribution of course, possibly even higher prescription charges which could be removed from benefits i
  5. Tories, lib/dem's , SNP, Labour. There's not much choice when it comes down to it. Not IMO anyway, they're all just a bunch of puppets controlled by the hands that feed them. The difference between left wing & right wing is barely distinguishable nowadays. It's either right wing or slightly less right wing. It's big business who pull their strings hoping to increase their profits. Some might say this country's going to the dogs!
  6. " jesus h " to coin a phrase So you aspire to alcoholism do you ? Very unhealthy for you & very costly not just to you but to society also. Quite an assumption you're making about me. I certainly don't have the time to sit around drinking tea let alone booze all day, I'm far to busy working only to see the taxman run off with a large portion of my earnings. Also I wasn't pleepsing about anything that effects me, I don't recieve my medication from the NHS. I do believe that those that do have to rely on the NHS for any addiction from cigarettes to crack should be given the same treatmen
  7. ^^ Precisely Dratsy, such ridiculous & uneducated comments made by Nadine Dorries should never see the light of day. Unless to show how ignorant an MP can be. These people know nothing of the world that we live in. If the comments weren't so dangerous they would be hilarious.
  8. Indeed. Any extra money charged for alcohol should be invested into our already cash-strapped NHS & not the pockets of the alcohol industry, who have quite enough profits already.
  9. I'm sure that it's a grand display that CADDS have put on & very probably well worth a look for anybody with no real experience of problematic drink / drug use. I wonder if CADDS will be relying on the coalitions new " payment by results " policy, which has already started to be implemented by several privately run " charitable " organisations on the mainland. Payment by results, is exactly what it means. The DSP gets paid by the Gov. for every person that is " recovered " & off their books. This has already started a worrying scenario where people who have been prescribed substitute
  10. Yes Malcom, appeal against the desicion a.s.a.p. , my 70+ year old mother didn't get her blue badge renewed this year, no explanations to it. She can only walk very short distances due to a number of medical complaints. It seems like all benefits applied for nowadays are often refused first time around but when the person appeals against the decision " hey, presto ! " they get whatever benefit or concession that was applied for. Seems to be happening a lot with disablity benefits nowadays but what other can you expect when the DWP puts matters such as that out to private tender ( they have in
  11. No doubt copying programmes that they have seen on the TV such as Jackass & similar such rubbish. Impressionable young minds copying what was deemed to be entertainment by some adults, not exactly suitable role models. Not in my opinion anyway. Kids will be kids though & whatever their parents say or do will want to show the world that they are not the same as the generation that are their parents, proving that they are individuals in their own rights. I'm pretty sure that a lot of us did the same at their age ( not stunts or filming ) but chose to wear flared tousers, have mohicans,
  12. OP8S

    Papa Stour

    I to worked in Papa a long,long time ago. It was a summer job I had with a local construction company. A very beautiful place...on a fine day, but then you can say that for all of Shetland I suppose. We were allowed to down tools & leave the island every second weekend. By god I certainly needed it as most of my workmates found little else to do after we finished working (around 8pm) but drink the vast quantities of Shetland's red rose of the liquid variety along with black rum. Being the youngest just working with them in my Uni. holidays, I bowed to peer pressure & joined in. My moth
  13. OP8S

    Matt Cardle

    Glad to hear that. Next time I'm visiting home I shall try & catch up with him. Sounds like the "old days" with the band playing in the back garden, I hope that he is not coming up against the problems with finding venues for the more alternative musicians as was the problem for a while before I re-located. As I said in my previous post, he should be supported by the Art's Trust in his endevaours at least, even if it is just to have the offer of a suitable venue. I don't think he ever made any large profits & usually seemed quite happy if he broke even, with a good night being had by a
  14. Yes always good to hear a positive story. I think the majority of folk are honest, even down on the mainland where I live. Once not too long ago a friend of mine who does bar work from time to time for extra money to go towards the mortgage dropped his wallet with his cash payment for the week while searching for his cigarettes. He was as always listening to his i-pod & unaware that he had done so. A couple of seconds later a young man tapped him on the shoulder, offering his wallet up to him. Once he'd switched off his i-pod the lad told him that he'd seen him drop it from across the stre
  15. I don't think Thatcher was evil, I don't think that there are many people in history that are evil. War is evil & so is hatered of others. Thatcher did give the go ahead to a war against Argentinia, over an island that is mostly populated by sheep & is about as far away from the UK as you can get. I'm sure that there could of been an alternative to the death & disabilities that were caused by the Falklands War. If we had come to an agreement which meant that over time the Falklands were given to Argentinia without any bloodshed would we be any worse off ? The families of the tro
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