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  1. very nice suggest, matt. i have marked that!
  2. ok, almost everything is ready. this is the schedule: - june 3rd: arrive in Sumburgh spend 3 days there to see Sumburgh Head, Pool of Virkie, Old Scatness, Jarlshof and move to Boddam and Quendale. - june 7th: move to Sandwick spend 2 days there and move to Mousa and St. Ninians Isle - june 9th: move to Lerwick visit the city and move daily to Scalloway, Weisdale and Burland Croft - june 14th: move to Walls visit Papa Stour isle and Sandness - june 17th: move to Eshaness (Camping Site) - june 20th: move to Fetlar - june 22nd: move to Unst - june 25th: come back to Sumburgh and fly to Edimburgh/Milan
  3. ok guys, thanks again. i suppose i'll have long walks on shetland! but it's not a problem to me: i love walking! i've almost finished to call all the B&Bs. shetland are closer now!
  4. i found the same address in the guide i bought here in italy. aren't there other garages on the other islands?
  5. i'm planning in details now. i have another question, hope won't bore you do you know places to rent bycicles on the different islands? thank you
  6. ok, i will only immerse my feet in the water
  7. and what about the middle of june?
  8. what about bringing a bathing-suit? do you think i'll be able to have a (short) swim in the sea?
  9. yes, but i will stay in lerwick for 5 or 6 days only, then move to other places and stay in b&bs or camp sites.
  10. do you all know each-other in shetland?
  11. Ciao Orsa sei giorni sull'isola di Fetlar e sto comprando una casa... se tutto va bene probabilmente mi trasferisco da Monaco a Fetlar prossimo anno what a pity that you suffer from seasickness. When I was up last October I flew from Munich to Amsterdam and from there to Aberdeen and took the ferry to Lerwick, which was the cheapest way. I tend to seasickness too but if it get's too rough you can always lie down and then usually you feel better. Apart from KLM's (the Dutch airline) bad service it was a pleasant journey. I can only recommend to hire a car not to be dependant on bus timetables. You will see more great places and driving is much more relaxed (and slower!) than in Italy. Enjoy your trip! hey, are you italian? if not, you speak a good italian driving in italy is orrible, that's the reason why i would prefer not to hire a car. i'm tired of cars. i love walking, so i think i'll walk and use public services like busses. i think i'll love shetland, i feel it!
  12. i haven't read this post, i'm reading it now. thanks very much for your suggestions, twerto. in the next days i'll plan in details and let you know.
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