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  1. Why no protest when da farmers caa dir lambs in at da end o da year for killing??? Just folk going around dir normal day. An ass holes dat wina get a proper job disrupting dem.
  2. Sink da sea shepherd as she leave Lerik.
  3. iiboy

    Dump Fire

    Should just let it burn oot. How much has yun cost da fire service to attend yun?
  4. God help wis when da tourist season is in full swing.
  5. Easter Mondays only a public holiday in England no Scotland. So why dae getting triple time?
  6. Twot it wid hav come oot wir council tax?
  7. Parish cup final this weekend between Unst an Westside utd 3.30 kick off at Gilbertson Park.. What u think da score will be. I think 0-3 Westside utd.
  8. How did James Johnson get man of the match yesterday?
  9. Unst 0 whalsay 0 ft an after extra time. Unst win 5-4 on penalties.
  10. Whitedale 1 unst 4 whalsa 1 Southend 0 cunningsburgh 1 wastside 5 delting 2 bressay 3
  11. Da cave is fine siccar.all da better for no wasting my money on Mareel no lik wir council
  12. Widna set fit in it if u paid me.
  13. Da graveyard dats a good name fir it.
  14. Alex Salmond is just a peerie Hitler in da making. widna trust him as far as i could throw him.
  15. i've heard dat Unst hav pulled oot da B lge?
  16. better get sir bob geldof to put on a concert for shetland
  17. aabody can pish straight noo da big plane has landed
  18. its all abit over da top. am sure we wid hav survived a few days wee oot tesco's plenty o county shops oot yunder if you can b bothered to leave da toon.
  19. Dir still no say whit way da councillors voted
  20. dis bunch o councillors are getting as bad as sandy cluness an his clowns.
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