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    iiboy reacted to Windwalker in SNP hopeful   
    Your right about them being a good buffer Capeesh and if they would get on with the day job, they would likely get my vote. It's the "independence at any cost and regardless of those who have already said we don't want it" that worries me. Scotland can't afford to be independent. If she got her way you would soon see the real side of the SNP, a country struggling to make ends meet, higher taxes and loss of services. Of course it would be someone else's fault. 
    I listen to debates both Westminster and Hollyrood and whilst some impress me others are about avoiding the issue like most politicians. Watching Alex Salmon on TV the other day avoiding the questions and shouting over the presenter to put his independence at any cost position across, made me wonder if they are living in the real world. His answer to the question regarding dropping education figures was that Scotland has the least youth unemployment of most countries. Well that's great, more have a job, but they're not so bright!!. That bods well for future development.
    As a government I think they have got their priorities wrong and it's having an effect on the stuff they should be looking after. If they would put independence to one side and prove they can do a great job of running the country, they would likely get more votes, make the country more prosperous and who knows what the future might bring. But as long as they can't get past the independence at any cost attitude, they will not get my vote and I believe many feel the same.
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    iiboy reacted to Kavi Ugl in SNP hopeful   
    Well, apparently Miriam Brett was/is  "senior economic adviser to the SNP’s Westminster group".  
    In other words, there was someone from Shetland at the heart of the SNP and it still didn't do us one jot of good.
    Carmichael needs to pull his socks up(more interest in, and support for the fishing industry) but I'll be voting LibDem simply to keep the SNP out.
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    iiboy got a reaction from Auld Mossyface in Lerwick Up Helly Aa   
    Wha gives a sharn
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    iiboy got a reaction from whalsa in Sea Shepherd in Shetland   
    Why no protest when da farmers caa dir lambs in at da end o da year for killing???
    Just folk going around dir normal day.
    An ass holes dat wina get a proper job disrupting dem.
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    iiboy got a reaction from Ghostrider in Dump Fire   
    Should just let it burn oot. How much has yun cost da fire service to attend yun?
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    iiboy got a reaction from Suffererof1crankymofo in Hide your cameras, plod is on to you.   
    God help wis when da tourist season is in full swing.
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