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  1. Lol, honestly I have no idea what forum its in - I just saw the topic come up in the feed and joined in. And we've tried the bell collars - they work to some degree. Cats are mostly ambush predators though so it is limited and the bells in my experience aren't jingly enough - when my cat is walking in stalk mode then they stay silent, she's to smooth to make them tinkle. I'd still probably use them to give the wildlife some chance, but there really is no point with her. Because of safety cat collars all have snaps instead of buckles so that if caught they'll snap open rather than risk a cat strangling themselves, our collars never last more than 24 hours on her. I'm not sure if she's just always getting them caught or actively takes them off (she opens doors so its not to unlikely really...) either way I'd still recommend for others to try them but for us at least they are no use.
  2. No worries Brochbuilder, afterwards I did realise you'd likely meant the comment as a joke, it's just hard to judge tone sometimes in written comments. And Hazel, I'm glad to hear you're such a responsible cat owner, I really wasn't trying to get at you with my comment, just weighing in an opinion - I'm totally with you on the licensing thing. I personally would go one step further and say we should have to have licences for owning animals too - not so much to prevent people getting a pet by jumping through a million hoops (though I suppose it would make sure they were really serious about it!) but to have the right to revoke it if they did something unforgivable, which my understanding of current animal cruelty laws is that we can't currently deny people from replacing pets even if their last ones were removed for cruelty reasons. But anyway I'm a tad off topic - indeed, cats also have beneficial effects in vermin populations, and I don't think you can fault a cat for killing, its just following its nature after all, even if sometimes it makes you want to cry. My own cat - also a neutered rescue - is unfortunately very much a bird killer. As a vegetarian I hate it even with the likes of pigeons, but really what can you do? I just do my best to discourage birds from our garden and am grateful the chances of anything to significant coming around my way is unlikely! As for the human/wildlife issue, I couldn't agree more. It's really criminal what we do and get away with, both around the rest of the world and even in this country. Its my personal opinion that the majority of all wild animal decline is a direct result of human involvement.
  3. I agree it is not just cats causing problems, pleanty of other culprits like crows and gulls, and lets not gloss over the major issues with most of these birds being more to do with humans than any other animal whether directly or indirectly. However all that being said, domestic cats are predators and do contribute strongly to the death rate of some species of bird and that shouldn't be glossed over either just because we happen to like cats more than crows. Personally I am dismayed and worried about the general attitude in this country to breed our pets, whether it be some misguided attempt to earn cash as seems the fad with dogs or because of people's squeemishness with fixing their animals (that last one in particular really gets me!), either way it is irresponsible for ANY animal. I can only conclude these people that are guilty of the afore mentioned don't really care about their pets at all, or they would put more thought into what kind of homes the offspring would get or the countless other dogs and cats out there in need of a home - I for one would never buy a puppy, I have always and will always take one that needs a new start in life and Ive had some cracking animals over the years. For the record I'm not saying that there aren't reasons for buying an animal/taking a free puppy or kitten or even for breeding them, and as someone that grew up with a litter of puppies in my house it is a magical thing to be involved with, I'm just agreeing with brochbuilder that unfortunately with most people it is not a well reasoned decision to do so but rather irresponsibility. Although having read that last comment about women and cats I'm not as enthused with siding with him any more...
  4. I understand your point, but I think that's more an issue with the people themselves and anyone silly enough to rehome a dog to people that really dont have a clue what they are taking on. I firmly believe the seller is responsible for making sure their animal goes to a suitable home. I for one having rehomed a litter of puppies myself and having taken a dog off an advertisement on here that was exactly put in that position (taken on and readvertised just days later because the people that took him were cluless about the type of dog and how to handle him...) would both never dream of letting someone take on an animal unless they could convince me they were prepared for the reality of it and knew what they were doing, and in the event that something happened that they couldn't keep it on anymore, I would insist they return it to me to rehome myself. Personally I think that unfortunately the situation you refer to will happen regardless of where people advertise (on here, in a window, facebook, the news paper etc), stopping animal ads on here is unfair on everyone who treat getting an animal sensibly or those looking to sell on/rehome livestock or animal related items like cages etc. What we really need to do to prevent that from happening is have stricter guidelines about the selling/rehoming of animals. I for one am of the firm belief that people should need a permit to own an animal and athorities should have the right to revoke it if they clearly don't have a clue what they are doing.
  5. I agree, although in that regard I know I sometimes for one get frustrated trying to navagate the site to find my ad and either alter its status to sold or take it down and eventually give up. Perhaps an automatic deletion after a month or two would be good? People can always repost ads after all
  6. Given the sheer amount of pet and pet related ads on shetlink, not to even mention the hens, sheep, goats etc I really think the site would benefit from a section in the classified specifically for animals or animal related items (carriers, feed troughs, etc). I know I'm not alone in this as several of my friends have quite independantly voiced the same thing! Think it's something we could look forwards to in future?
  7. heh! Good old futurama! Personally I like the robot devil
  8. oh dear, i appear to be behind the conversation - still getting used to this im afraid ! Happy birthday bytheby.
  9. I think its safe to say EVERYBODY likes shoormal, its a safe bet. And wow, I just joined this and I expected it to be yet anouther youth thing, Im glad to see adults using it! Id try and get my mam on, but she barely knows how to switch on a computer. My Granny on the otherhand...
  10. What all this! I thought you didnt like the mighty boosh James? Hahaha welcome to the dark side
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