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  1. the constipated statistician? worked it out with a computer..... whats brown and sounds like a bell? DUNG how many surrealists does it take to plug in a light bulb? A FISH how do you stop a man from drowning? take your foot off his head whats black and white and goes OOOOOOO? a cow with no lips whats red and silver and sits in the corner? a baby with forks in its eyes
  2. might have an exchange to brighton. theyre 100per cent positive. going to look this sunday. found out we are one of two houses being targeted and the kids came from 3other estates to cause havoc. just have to grit my teeth, so far so good. the ringleaders are still wandering around our road. oh and the community mental nurse is getting a supporting letter together.
  3. do you need wardens there? have you a problem with crime then?
  4. our community mental nurse is coming round friday and on 11th november my partner is meeting with the local mp. I dont care if they do nothing for the estate, i just want to get away and start living again. thankyou for your support and ill let you know the outcome.oh ill still come back on the site cos im nosey and you lot are nice people. (wheres the heart icon?) i dont think there would be a problem if more people moved to the shetlands. as long as each tenant was vetted beforehand.Youd have to be very selective and make sure they were nice people. Our councils put everyone together eg
  5. well most of the people are going to spain and europe. theyre leaving in their droves. almost everybody knows somebody whos going to live abroad. now if i pump my crime reference numbers into the national lottery, do you reckon ill win enough to get out of here? If i had that much money darn sure i wouldnt be spending it in England
  6. that must make you feel more secure.i saw on the tv,its official,northamptonshire police are THE worst force in the country.that explains a lot
  7. do i believe what iread? For Immediate Use 12 January 2006 PERTH & KINROSS CRIME RATE STILL TOO HIGH Mid-Scotland and Fife Tory MSP Murdo Fraser has welcomed a reduction in crime and offences recorded in Perth & Kinross in 2004/05 compared to 2003/04. However, Murdo still believes the figures are far too high and believes the Scottish Executive must take action to help the police forces in Scotland to tackle criminals and stop crime. Murdo obtained the figures from the Scottish Executive this week after requesting a break down of crime statistics for each local authority. In Per
  8. thankyou justme, ive given up looking for an exchange. i would feel responsible.i wouldnt wish this place on anyone,unless they are dodgy.
  9. im 51 and my old man is 28.weve been together since he was just 16. funny old life isnt it? ive chucked him out twice. once for a couple of hours and once for a night.
  10. my names mandy really and im at nn4 8nl i dont care who knows. when we were well i could say, we are a genteel,peace loving couple who get a real buzz out of helping people and brightening their day. i know youd like us. its now 6.15 and they are starting to gather,they know the police have got their hands full on a saturday night.
  11. i just emailed Hjadland housing association to see if they can help. i just looked at my front window sill, i have weed killer,chilli pepper,black pepper,paint stripper and oven cleaner. these are my defense.dont you think its crazy or is it just me. in a couple of hours it will be dark and already my hearts pounding.
  12. you must be a very happy,confident person peerie.maybe in the next life i could be luckier im 51 and 5ft 1 and i dont want to live off benefits till i draw my pension, im an aries,a go getter.but now im a crumbling wreck.(im crying now) my job is to bring colour and fun to all, how can i ever do that when im so desperately unhappy oh dear dear dear i really dont know what is to become of us and you have been the first people who havent ignored me thankyou
  13. are you in the town or out in the sticks? hi Peerie, what if i did twisting classes?
  14. hi Sparky, that was a quick response.if the papers print everything going on there then it would be good for my business.i intend to do a lot of pr. but can i walk to the shop without fear of attack or abuse? what times of day will i be safe? will i be able to tootle down the road without teenagers jumping out in front of me?
  15. Hi, i am considering moving to the shetlands and setting up in business as a balloon artist, twisting and decorating. i live in northampton and im not afraid to tell you its a living hell on our estate. we have lived here for four years and every time we try to get back on track, our hopes get dashed. weve been unable to work for nearly three years due to depression. i used to be in banking but ive taught myself to manipulate balloons into cute and wacky sculptures.i can also do the traditional decor if i have to. so could some kind soul tell me life is better there and what chances do
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