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  1. It's a shame what is happening to the advanced residents in Viewforth...but i fear the die is cast, some great posts in this thread by shetlandpeat...well done mate. Wait until they introduce CCTV monitored CELLS with electric perimeters and neighbor installed panic buttons in the event of escapees........woe is us. Sounds like this turn around in established understanding of the needs of challenged elderly is the formulation of a young graduate trainee given a position of power that feels he has to change things to make an impression....regardless of the outcome...... because blame is easily placed else where!
  2. Stuck at a Shetland roundabout more like....waiting for the other two Claude's to decide who is to go first....I now bat for ASDA.
  3. "Lets wait n see if its a smack head". More than likely. Interesting to see if detective work solves this or are the police sitting beside a phone waiting for a lead?
  4. How nice to be proved right.... I posted in this thread.... before TESCO opened it's doors that..... "Tesco coming to Shetland is like giving every family in Shetland a pay rise" how true that has turned out to be and things will only get better.....choice....price.....tech... and still to come petrol at 5p a litre cheaper than it is anywhere locally. Times they are a changing Who said that? lol For all you Tesco haters...... think for a while... name another retailer that has brought more to the Shetland economy via quality, choice and fair prices......short list eh. .
  5. Oh how correct that statement is, as has been said before let's no longer hear the cry from the woeful retailer " Sorry about the price, it's the freight you know".... and soon we will all benefit from cheaper petrol and diesel prices....to come....shop at Tesco and fill up your car for 5p a litre less than any other Petrol Station in Shetland. The King of Fish has spoken....lol
  6. Billy i was just off to bed when i saw your post.....come on when did you first see buy one get one free at the COOP ? i'll tell you...the day after Safeway opened in Shetland, these offers had been on the Mainland for years.....the COOP has done Shetland no favours. As far as ethnic problems are concerned ....don't judge another country by your own standards......... In India some children collect cow dung in the street to provide for their family.....do we say that's not right, give these kids skipping ropes so as they have a normal upbringing. Guess so that's another story? .
  7. I repeat...Tesco will treat the North Sea as nothing more than a motorway, it will no longer be the big divide or excuse for people to rip off the folk in Shetland. ............... The motor car has become a part of life and a means of gathering (no need to hunt any more). ................. How much more expensive is Shetland Seafood on the mainland than Scottish farmed or net caught......... it has to be the same price or cheaper (forget better quality as a sales pitch it don't wash on the market) to compete...who suffers the Shetland connections, staff and owners. Tesco create a level playing field for sales and service in reverse boy, you need to go to business school Local garages should shift there focus to providing a fair and reasonable service to vehicular sale, repair and service. .
  8. The tiny grocery business has not been targeted....the store manager is telling the truth, the current layout and stock are a reflection of requests from a survey carried out amongst the Shetland public. You ask for petrol at the UK Mainland equivalent price, if it's workable Tesco will provide it in the future, not to put the small petrol pump owner out of business but to provide a service that attracts customers to the store. 10/10 Tesco "It's 2010 don't go belly up ....evolve"
  9. Like what? If you can tell me they have Sony/Hitachi/Sharp etc current models at 50% of RRP (and are "retail" standard stock), I'll believe you. But if we're talking Bush/Alba/Murphy quality and worse badged or unbranded at 50% of the Sony/Hitachi/Sharp etc equivalent RRP, then nope, that's still overpriced tat. Lol..... do a search and see who owns Bush/Alba and Murphy.
  10. Forget the notion that we should all remain and struggle to be loyal to the local shops in Shetland....those days are over...full stop. Shetlanders have been ripped off for years.."Wow this is expensive"....reply so often heard..."Yes i'm sorry but it's the freight that has bumped the price up" There will never be tumbleweed on the streets of Lerwick but times are a changing. Can't wait for the Tesco V Local Garage Mogul profiteers when we are offered petrol and diesel at the same price as the mainland. Tesco the best that has happened for Shetland locals in recorded history, no longer are we North Sea China Men.
  11. First impact was that TAXI fares have gone up.
  12. Best thing that has happened for Shetland shoppers since Tesco opened will be the opening of the Tesco extension, even more good news to come for car drivers around the corner.
  13. What hope do the young of Shetland have after a comment like that....... it appears there is a lot of support for drug use from posters on this thread. I'm just a concerned manager that has had staff in the past that never arrived for their work on time and as such where sacked..... only to be seen a year or so later arriving early outside a chemist before it opened to get their green juice..... One interesting turn around, in the sixties and seventies it was students that pushed the boat out and had great hash parties and LSD sit ins ..... while the working class young went to disco's and got rat assed and now it appears to be non students that are more into drug use and less students smoke, drink, do drugs and drop out of education through a " YEAH MAN CHECK IT OUT BIZZARE" substance intake.
  14. How to stop Drugs in Britain......... To arrive in Britain you fly in or sail in...... think how easy it is to control drugs as opposed to countries on the European, North American etc mainlands.... it's down to the ???? to want to stamp it out. Whoo....hoo....amazing how no-one ever thought of such a simple "solution" before.... What a stupid comment....don't you get it ?
  15. How to stop Drugs in Shetland......... 1/ First the police have to want to. 2/ Drug dogs meet ferry every morning, check the car decks and after passengers have left do a quick tour of the cabins and lounges any positive reaction from K9 check passenger list for cabin occupancy or cctv for lounge areas. 3/ Drug dogs meet every plane arriving into Shetland. 4/ Every bulk postal delivery at main post office checked by Drug dogs. 5/ Spot check any Marine vessel arriving at Shetland ports ( use a bit of wit and be pro-active ) To arrive in Shetland you fly in or sail in...... think how easy it is to control drugs as opposed to counties on the mainland.... it's down to the police to want to stamp it out.
  16. Salmon

    Michael Schumacher

    We as youngsters in the cubs and scouts we played British Bulldog and a team game called Caps, as youngsters we were encouraged to win not just be there and take part.
  17. Question..... Why do the Police not use a wee bit wit and ask Northlink if they can patrol the Drug dog through the ship every morning after docking, checking all the cabins, it would only take minutes and if there was any dog reaction in a cabin the ship has a list of all cabin accupancy. At the end of the day you don't have to be a top detective if you have access to daily passenger lists in a small community to work out that a young guy living in Shetland and earning £6.50 an hour is probably up to no good if he is taking his car South on the ferry 12 times a year.
  18. Looks like the "Water Buffalo" rider and "Auld Stick in the Mud" are not to keen on good old TESCO...lol ( i assume it is a GT750/550 Suzuki )
  19. Why did a Mod merge this Petrol thread ? with supermarkets
  20. Would the time now be right for TESCO to sell petrol in SHETLAND at a nationally fair price. Are the petrol outlets in Shetland jumping on the Wilkins bandwagon that effected social drinking prices all those years ago.... ( "if we all stick together on price we will all make a bob or two" ) Forget the North Sea divide...... treat it as a motorway not a reason to rip us all off, TESCO have. (*** Mod - merged ***)
  21. More to the point i wonder who put him in the frame again.
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