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  1. https://photos.shetlandmuseumandarchives.org.uk/view-item?i=54629&WINID=1640565225496 I was looking up the history of his death and found this. I also saw your enquiry so thought I'd send you the link.
  2. I was just thinking if we are what westminster would have us believe, a lesser member of the Great British Family who cannot stand on it's own two feet without them.. Then why given this opportunity to release us are they lying so heavily to keep us.. We all know they would be falling over themselves to amputate us if it didn't line their pockets
  3. The fact is we can use any currency we want it's just a means of exchange and we have to change it into the currency of whatever country we are barganing with anyway. We already produce 3 different types of notes our selves so it makes sense to stay with that and just produce tokens eh I mean coins along with them lol as far as EU membership if we're out then Great we can get our fishing sorted they have nearly destroyed our rights. We are already in tho really, they will have to throw us out then decide if we are coming back in again, as they have so many ties into us already and we already are implementing so many of their rules ... Some good some horrendous
  4. message for you on shetlink about sleepers

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