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  1. can anyone tell me the name of the B & B in Aberdeen that gives a special rate to Shetlanders please
  2. there is one at the Town Hall in aid of Cats Protection on Saturday 1st, might be of use to you
  3. Have just been told that there is a dead cat in the gutter near the Cunningsburgh shop, tabby coloured I think it would be called
  4. spoted out west a rare shetland panda on the loose http://i999.photobucket.com/albums/af117/pya977/15812theboy007.jpg
  5. any one else seen the custom citroen 2cv and trailer that came off the boat today, only wish i had my camera
  6. I heard they had all been laid off as the buyer pulled out
  7. lets hope it gets finished on time now SES have gone into receivership, they were the electricians there
  8. i spoke to the rider of the bike and trailer and they are both ok, they came off the northlink heading for the clickamin and he had a blackout. i helped him get the bike started and off they went.
  9. I'm sorry but I've never read such rubbish, having been a driving instructor myself on the mainland I can assure you that the Highway Road does not state that you need to indicate when staying on the same road ie coming in from the north and heading to town there is no need to indicate, I myself have had to stop when heading out of town going north when stupid people indicate at the Co-op mini roundabout who are not heading into DITT
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