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  1. does anyone know of a mechanic who would be willing to do a homer to fix my car for it's MOT?? if so drop me a PM and i will tell you whats needed doing. cheers
  2. i was wondering if such a club exits in shetland?? offroad radio control car club if it does please contact me.
  3. avon skin so soft is very good....this is what they hand out at SVT to there workforces..
  4. That is an interesting idea. One of the objections to cctv has been that it would take a police officer off the street to watch the things. Not sure how easy it would be to find people willing to man the monitors at 3am but it would have to be worth some consideration. A thought from me.......manning the monitors might be a good way to serve a community service order. Sure it would not be right for all offenders but, for example, an otherwise decent person sentenced for an offence that did not relate to the things cameras watch for could be punished and at the same time do something useful. they should get special constables to do this as they are volunteers or even the community wardens!!!
  5. i second that...sludge i must of worked the doors with you????
  6. BarL???? this is what i heard today dunno what truth in it though??? got told they were related to the old ice cream man that used to have a van up here years ago???
  7. quote from the bbc website:: Valerie Hetherston, 43, Terry Hetherston, 18, and Brian Hetherston, 23, all from Coatbridge in Lanarkshire, appeared at Lerwick Sheriff Court. They made no plea or declaration and were released on bail. Their appearance followed an incident in Lerwick's Market Street in the early hours of Sunday, in which a man suffered head injuries. if memory serves right are these not relations to the guy that used to have an ice cream van up here years ago!!!
  8. my thoughts the same..i think they are talking about blacky.
  9. what happened to michael??? i have worked on the doors with mike on and off for numerous years but havnt done it now for 2 yrs maybe.
  10. boy i did pass you but i was goin the other way mate...
  11. would be nice to see some patrols around bakland,as there is certain youths who like to do a bit of vandalisim my car included!! i know who they are and there time will come also sticking a couple of home cctv cameras around the house...for my own peace of mind. and yes there will be signs going in the windows to say premises under cctv.. what is this place coming to????? i mind you could go oot and leave your door unlocked,but not now with these NEDS aboot.
  12. Since every one is discussing who is the best county players...what about Works league??? does anyone have any fond memories of the league? and what about the players past and present? come on footie fans!!!
  13. does anyone work at the terminall here? if so what do you think of all the red tape?? please discuss
  14. i think the big bannock should be on that site
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