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  1. Can anybody who has recently bought a hoose let me know roughly how much I can expect to pay a solicitor for conveyancy? We have no house to sell and wouldn't be paying stamp duty... It's been a long time since I last bought a house so I expect it to more than I remember!
  2. Thanks Njugle, tell me about it. The only name I could come up with was Loveshack. I'm hopeless! The sprog means I don't get out as much as I used to, so I'm a bit out of touch as far as bands go. I think it will be a mainly young crowd so I don't think volume will be an issue. My brother said the emphasis was more on 'party' than traditional 'wedding'. His fiancee's family and quite a few friends are coming up and they want to show them how Shetlanders party! I'd never though about Scaldin Bragg, I may suggest them to bro. I remember now why I cleared off abroad to get hitched!
  3. My brother and his missus are getting married next year. Their wedding is on the mainland and then they are having a hamefaring here in October. I, for some bizarre reason agreed to book the band/music as is logistically more difficult for him to do it, as he lives in England. Now, I have no blooming idea where to start... could anyone recommend some good bands or DJs from any weddings/nites oot that they have been to? Any also any info on how to get hold of these bands/musicians/DJs? They are fairly open to suggestions but want something that will get abody up dancing. They did say that
  4. http://www.shetland-news.co.uk/news_09_2008/Calamity%20in%20deep%20water%20again.htm
  5. Thats Tesco's planning application to extend submitted to the Council... http://www.shetland.gov.uk/planningcontrol/apps/ No details as yet but watch that space.
  6. It coulda been called 'Calamity Stu' I feel a sing comin on.... Oh! A disastrous yacht is a-rollin' on over the seas, With the captain flappin' and the Coastguard copping the fees. Gale force winds! A Stormy day! Ship float-away!, Ship float-away!, Ship float-away!
  7. http://www.forvik.net Loving the T-shirts!
  8. http://www.forvik.net C'est magnifique!!!
  9. All you have done for Shetland 'your excellency' is make us a laughing stock. Egotistical ****! And just what have you done 'for Shetland' exactly? As far as I can see you banged your drum about independance for Shetland and no one listened so you have set up a tent on a windswept island and attracted attention from amused journalists, white supremists and nazis?? Well done you...! They do say any publicity is good publicity but I'm sure many of the people in Shetland wish you hadn't bothered! We are deeply proud of our history, tradition, music, wildlife, craft and beautiful l
  10. Someone I know once bought a sliced white loaf from a certain shetland bakery which had a sliced fag end through about four of the slices.
  11. I accept that there are many reasons to be anti - Tesco but to Mrs Average like me, with a budget stretched to capacity and kids to feed, my only interest is will it be cheaper than anywhere else? If yes, then I'm 100% for it and I'll be there with bells on.... I can accept that business practices like this can have a detrimental effect of national economy but I'm afraid on a selfish note the ethics of it all are not my department. I'm not a politician, I'm a parent trying to run a home. I hate to say this but.... Every little helps!
  12. Well personally I pay through the nose for my mortgage, my heating oil, my petrol, my council tax and if I have the opportunity to buy groceries at a lower price from Tesco than local shops can offer then I am most definitely going to do it. All over the country small retailers have had to face competition from large franchises and I don't see why would should protect the few despite the hundreds? I would love to support my local retailers but I like many others simply cannot afford to... I have a family to feed and frankly they come before protecting the income of local shopkeepers. Quit
  13. He state's on the Forvik Declaration... My very favouritest part of the website is in the FAQs. The very first one in fact.... Fantastic! Every time I look at it I find another gem. I wish I'd thought of it first. My own island, where I am called your excellency and people send me money to buy land which is... Genius.
  14. http://shetlandconversation.squarespace.com/citizenship/ I am right in thinking that IF he sells all 8000 plots, which I assume must be about the size of a postage stamp, at 2 'forvik gulden' or aboot £120 he will have £960,000?!?!? And thats before anyone pays for 'honorary citizenship' The man's a bloody genius!!! And what the hell is 'a fighting fund?' Is he expecting an invasion? I can see it now Calamity's army!
  15. fratelli

    BGD Discos

    Oh the memories... I feel like making a sex on the beach in a plastic tumbler and dancing to Whigfields 'Saturday night' and then perhaps an attempted singalong to Scatman.
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