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  1. Should we not look after what we have first. Theres a unique stone in the old Eshaness kirkyard with runes on it. A past council and locals stopped it being preserved.
  2. It looked very green when I passed it today, greener than it was at first.
  3. Is there an address where I can send my copy back to? (with no postage) I hate unsolicited rubbish through my door.
  4. Just found this http://www.shetland.gov.uk/capitalprogramme/documents/2007-04_02_SACStage2Document_FINAL.pdf
  5. I try to support my local shop but the miserable selection of fruit and veg drives me to the town. The local shop is certainly cheaper for many things but it cant supply everything. Rubbery carrots and wrinkly peppers dont do it for me. To me Tesco is attractive for the better quality of food than you can get in Somerfield of the Coop.
  6. I think that in the old museum something on the staircase counted folk as they went up but I did here it said that it included everone - staff, postman etc.
  7. A coastal feature near the ancestral home. Bit boring
  8. I was there this week for lunch. Food was good although the portions perhaps a tad too peerie for the price. I'm still trying to suss what a sort of fish a lyrie is, it formed part of the chowder along with piltocks. Is a lyrie a plucker? The cakes were the same as the Peerie Shop Cafe. The service was up to Shetland standards with an appropriate mix of chaos and surliness. Don't go at lunchtime if you are in a hurry.
  9. Vernon Coleman seems to be saying what many are thinking.
  10. I had to scan through the new issue looking for a laugh and it didnt fail. Quite why some businesses advertise fails me. Have they not seen an edition?
  11. Well I'm a Christian and happen to be gay. Can I print leaflets?
  12. Hardly a good start - a horrible bit of design and unwanted paper fell through my letterbox today
  13. Go for it bigdandancingman!!! .... please
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