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  1. What’s he done, it can’t be that bad to warrant this ban. This ‘no comment’ nonsense is just silly...it’s a bad example. This all has the sniff of bullying i.e. what’s written isn’t always forgotten.
  2. WESTERN ISLES APPLING REAL PRESSURE Iain Maciver blog; Fuel rip-off resumes as Scottish Fuels and Highland Fuels sneakily conspire to push up prices again See link http://maciverblog.co.uk/2013/02/19/fuel-rip-off-resumes-as-scottish-fuels-and-highland-fuels-sneakily-conspire-to-push-up-prices-again/ SHETLAND & ORKNEY need to do the same. We could start by posting prices; 20/02/13 Sutherlands Unleaded £1.459 / L
  3. What goes on in the heads of our councillors there all gassing on about how we have to make these drastic cuts to keep going...Keep what going Mareel..??? Its pathetic they can hand out money to a white elephant like mareel that's always going to be looking for handouts all the time how can they possibly have face to keep throwing public money at mareel when people are being threatened with losing there jobs and care homes / schools being closed Jonathan Wills said on the radio they have to look after there investment its funny he never mentioned that when Smyril line pulled out off Shetland o
  4. No...I’m realist i.e. I try to be optimist, even when difficult to be so. Re Mareel we’ve spent the money, so in my opinion it must work. Also, Mareel has a ‘Bar,’ but it isn’t a ‘Bar’, thank heavens!, we’ve plenty of them...and they are all rubbish!
  5. Completely disagree with the last few comments. Mareel is fantastic - it is what Lerwick has been waiting for for years. I was never on the official list of supporters however I have joined now. Cafe bar is excellent.
  6. Anyone know what’s the latest re the inter-connector cable...I’ve always had an opinion that this would prove to be the undoing of the project.
  7. This will explain why our fuel prices fell a few weeks ago. There seems to be a bit of a pattern here in my opinion .. High prices .. Bit of investigation prices drop... Dust settles.. Prices rise quickly.. More investigation on the cards.. Prices drop. Etc. We have been paying over the odds for years so hopefully this time they will investigate fully and get answers to all the questions. Takes two to tango...? So far the OFT have bungled around i.e. not really getting to grips! See link... http://www.oft.gov.uk/OFTwork/competition-act-and-cartels/cartels/what-cartel What is a cart
  8. Yes no doubt they have considered the profits, publicity etc, but they have also considered the customer and gone that bit further to try and get the perishables on the shelfs. More than most will do. I agree that we don't need to have the trollies buckling under the strain, but I for one will be glad that they may have some of the stuff I would like to make my Christmas dinner special. Now that's after checking my local shop, which I use at least three times a week. God, I bet it's all smiles in your house at Christmas What a silly retort...I did wonder what you buy from your loca
  9. Hi, thanks for the reminder...and I did respond. Plus, as soon as I mentioned sensible drinking forum contributors appeared to wish discussion on this subject more...which has been enlightening, disappointing...and hopeful.
  10. Hi again LauraJane90, I’m thinking I’m nearly getting through to you (no sarcasm intended). We have a long established culture of drinking to excess in Shetland (granted it isn’t everyone)...break that cycle...and the Posers issue will deal with its self. Most are p***ed long before reaching Posers i.e. topped-up fully at home before going out. I’m afraid to tell you that our Pub’s & Club’s isn’t the root of the problem. PS...my old squad tried to encourage me to put myself forward several years ago, but I declined... “it’s no fir meâ€.
  11. And according to a meaningless straw poll conducted with myself, I couldn't care less what the Lancet or any other publication sponsored by vested interests has to say. And all I'm saying is that they do not need (or possibly want) to be forced to adopt your agenda. They already have a lot of 'rules' to follow and I would think that they are adult enough to police themselves in that respect. ? I never called you a do-gooder or anything else for that matter. Any inferred reference was made in a generic sense.... Colin, I’m sorry you don’t care All Up Helly Aa’s promoti
  12. LauraJane90, Thank you for your advice, “Another grand idea for you Getaba is to maybe consider channelling your enthusiasm for 'sensible drinking' in all aspects including schools, pubs etc. Sure SYIS would be more than happy to have a volunteer. Even CADSS would be over-joyed too. Supporting the fact you are able to get a disclosure or even have one alreadyâ€. For your information, I do have a disclosure and I do already volunteer.
  13. Believing statements like this is a reason many use to justify trying illegal/unlegislated drugs. E is in a different league from Alcohol. Know the effects and risks. I agree with Sicar, alcohol is much less now than it was. Guizers know to pace themselves, and it's an incredibly social, feel good, and unique event in world terms. I enjoy speaking to tourists that read or have heard about UHA and travel here because they've heard of nothing quite like it anywhere else, and enjoy it thoroughly. Several SMs in our squad too - I would encourage everyone to get involved. Regarding drinking my
  14. From Shetland News...see link... http://www.shetnews.co.uk/news/6142-watchdog-praises-improving-sic SHETLAND Islands Council has been given the seal of approval from The Accounts Commission two years after a damning report following an embarrassing public hearing into its affairs. However the public finance watchdog warns that Scotland’s wealthiest local authority faces a tough future as it tries to cut spending by around 20 per cent over two years. Is this really going to be achieved...if so, it’s going to get very though!
  15. OK, so now we know what a do-gooder is... Does the definition fit you? The point is that most UHA squads/committees are self regulating and the last thing they need or want is someone else setting their agenda any more than happens at present. If you want to 'crusade' against the evils of drink etc. you're starting with the wrong people. According to a study published this month in The Lancet, alcohol and tobacco rank among the ten most dangerous substances used by humans. Both alcohol and tobacco have been assessed to be more dangerous than illegal drugs like marijuana or ecstasy. Col
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