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  1. Hi I have a whole house that requires decoration - all the wallpaper needs to be removed, wood painted etc and then depending on what I find under the wallpaper, it may well need new paper (haven't decided if I just want to paint the walls until I see them without paper). There are lots of folks advertising that they do home decorating and I wondered if anyone could recommend someone who was tidy, quick and won't cost the earth? Many thanks for any advice.
  2. Hi I've just bought a new house in the central mainland which has a lovely garden with ponds. Can anyone recommend somebody who could help me get the ponds cleaned out (there are pumps but the water is stagnant and green). I don't have a clue where to start working with the ponds, so any recommendations would be helpful. Many thanks.
  3. Hi Does anyone know of anywhere in Shetland that sells big rolls of bubble wrap? I'm moving house and need some for wrapping ornaments etc. I've tried Hays and LBC, who both said they had none but were sure there was someone who did sell it. Any ideas? Many thanks for any advice.
  4. Hiya Can anyone recommend somebody who could weed my garden and trim back the Veronica etc? I've got a bad arm which is hampering my efforts to tidy up the garden, so I need some help. I've looked in Da Times and the phone book but don't really know who would be best. Many thanks in advance for any replies.
  5. If you are a werewolf that automatically cures you. Failing that, look for the alchemist in Morthal, he knows how to cure it - in exchange for some assistance
  6. Im thinking about it, does it have online multiplayer? No, not at the moment. Believe they are working on an online multiplayer version but no idea when that is likely to actually happen. Game is definitely worth playing though.
  7. Currently playing Skyrim on x-box, to which I am totally addicted. Used to play on PC but x-box is better. If you haven't tried Skyrim I would recommend it - lots of different quests and character types, so there is something for everyone.
  8. Hi Thanks GT, much appreciated. Mhutch, am in Lerwick. Thanks both.
  9. Hi Can anybody recommend someone who will re-harl a wall? Not a whole house, just the wall around the garden, the existing harl is starting to fall off. Also looking for recommendations on somebody to paper my hallway - there are quite a few names in the phone book but I don't know who best to pick. I have the paper, just looking for someone who will do a neat, quick job and not cost too much. Many thanks for your help (***Mod Edit - Moved to Consumer Advice & Resources and topic changed to be more descriptive***)
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