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  1. The Dunning Kruger effect as it applies to roundabout design? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dunning%E2%80%93Kruger_effect
  2. Leading the charts at the moment - Tailgate but won't overtake even on long clear straights - Have to overtake, so they are one place ahead before we join the long convoy of traffic just ahead
  3. That's just a target. I lived for a couple of years in a country where lots of people speak good English but by the end I'd learnt the language well enough that they wouldn't bother changing with me
  4. You'll recall that one of the main points of disagreement during the Bressay Bridge saga was whether a 40m airdraft was enough (SIC) or if it should be 50m (LPA)......
  5. Past consideration of chain ferries in the STAG appraisal. http://www.zettrans.org.uk/consultation/documents/ExecSummary.pdf Accurate information? "the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) code of practice will only consider issue of a certificate allowing a chain ferry to operate in Category A-C waters; Bressay Sound is categorised as a Category D water;"
  6. You don't have to use a soakaway, you could use a different type SUDs device that doesn't need percolation.
  7. Quick dig through this one https://www.ofgem.gov.uk/ofgem-publications/43538/shepdninesconsultation.pdf Turned up 1.9. The current arrangements to supply electricity on Shetland cost around £29m in 2010-2011. The majority of the costs are from the fuel and operating cost of running Lerwick power station (£16m) and the rest from third party contracts (£13m). 1.10. In 2010-11, a third of this £29m was recovered directly from Shetland‟s customers through their electricity supply bills. The remainder was recovered from customers connected across SHEPD‟s distribution network. But I didn't notice a more complete accounts sheet.
  8. Yes, it's a negotiated fixed charge for electricity, based on usage hours and light types according to this: http://www.shetland.gov.uk/communityplanning/documents/StreetLightingappraisal_24Oct12.pdf Averages out at £50 per light per year in electricity.
  9. Presumably the valuation mentioned is the cost of building the equivalent facility? So the group could just buy land somewhere else, and build new to get the completed standard for the costs they have budgeted for?
  10. And your point is ?..... Bigger issues seem to get little discussion on here now, smaller issues more.
  11. Soaring house prices, Ofgen block new power station, School staff paid triple time, Roads maintenance underfunded, 100 new jobs at Sullom Voe, Superfast Boardband, Our Islands Our Future campaign, Erik Gray Centre replacement, Bullmull tidal power scheme, Domestic abuse on the rise, Knab AHS site redevelopment......
  12. Jaywalking: How the car industry outlawed crossing the road http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-26073797
  13. I suppose it depends a bit - was there no application at all for a warrant from Tescos before now, or had they got 99.99% of the way to getting one and just needed 1 line of text added to one drawing. Or where was it in between those two extremes?
  14. 400m away and 0.4m above the sea might not be quite as good as 100m away and 100m above....
  15. "Council roads maintenance manager Dave Coupe explained that each set of lights in the town is now so old that manufacturers are unable to supply some replacement parts. One new set of lights is due to arrive in February, which Coupe said would replace the crossing at Bolts. But to replace all 10 would cost around £150,000 and he doesn't have the budget to do that straight away." http://www.shetnews.co.uk/news/7877-council-must-sort-out-traffic-light-woes-says-convener Full new install at Bolts and likely some spares scavenged from the old one to try and keep the rest going a bit longer?
  16. I'd agree with the comments about making an effort to be seen, regardless of how you are using the road, but remember the OP was commenting that it "did not matter if you were lit up like a Christmas tree". As Scorrie says, the onus is on all road users to follow the guidance, not to label others an inconvenience and act as if they should not be there. In my own experience I do not think there have been any times when a driver at night has not seen me, but there have been plenty when they saw me and then did not pass safely.....
  17. You could do something some places, but have a look at the DfT's guidance on dynamic overtaking envelopes and see how wide it would have to be to meet those....
  18. At first this sounded a bit worrying to me too, but then I remembered that drivers are required to be able to stop in the distance that they can see is clear, so no worries eh?
  19. Welsh Active Travel bill passed http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-politics-24344769 The disappointing thought for me is that if we were here 30 years ago, then for Shetland we'd build the new A roads, and keep a lot of the old ones in place running parallel, for single track local access and as through routes for walking and cycling.
  20. No, for a period of time, after LED lights arrived, if was not clear of a flashing light complied with the legal requirements for a rear bike light - the rules as previously written not having thought about that option. It has been clarified that they do comply legally, provided the light meets the required minimum strength. Sorry, I worte my reply quickly, and reading it back it is not so clear. I chose to wear a yellow vest with reflective strips at night and if I end up stuck in mist. All things being equal that is an easy choice, but once you bring human nature and risk compensation into it, it unfortunately not always so straight forward. My judgement is that the balance is positive for those conditions. Other people may judge differently. If I rode in town a lot, with more common complex junction interactions I would tend toward using it more, although I'd have some worries about the overall picture.
  21. Yellow / reflective clothing is something that I might chose to wear depending on the conditions. What I would prefer to avoid is people getting a general idea that all they need to look out for is "yellow", and they can ignore any inconvenient bit in the highway code about needing to be able to see other things in the road ahead too....
  22. if somebody is on the road with no lights, when they should have lights, then they are at fault. As per my response to the OP, I don't consider that it makes any difference what kind of vehicle they are using, or that it makes much sense to put an individuals behaviour onto everybody else that uses that kind of vehicle too. As you say, there are poor "road users" of every description and I feel we'd be better off working on those, than trying to drag it into some drivers vs cyclists issue, when 95% of both are doing not so bad. Peat meanwhile seem determined to bring in every possible meme, that ever appears in any "cycling" discussion, at the earliest opportunity, to ensure all waters are as muddied as possible and everybody stops reading before we get to anything interesting
  23. I'd agree. I ended up cycling on the hard shoulder one day the mist came down a bit, as although I had a yellow vest and lights, I felt my batteries were down and the light was not as bright as it might be. Apparently I was worrying about nothing though, as half of the cars I met had no lights on at all..... Why do drivers complain about cyclists riding without lights and then not use lights themselves?????
  24. VHS is half or less the resolution of DVD, before you start with anything else. if you're looking to "change" the quality - brightness/contrast/colour cast changes, then you might be OK, if you are looking to "enhance" it, then it's a bigger job and not likely to give CSI style results....
  25. 3rd place in a close finish, from here http://www.welshathletics.org/media/562507/t012-result.pdf
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